Buy This Mock Beer Baby Bottle As Your Next Baby Shower Gift And Watch Everyone’s Head Explode

Have a sister-in-law who’s driving you crazy with her pregnancy updates? What about a sancti-pregnant friend already talking about all the organic purees she’ll be making? I have the perfect passive-aggressive baby shower gag gift for you. The baby “beer” bottle:


I found this link on STFU Parents’ Facebook page today. Even some of her exceptionally-able-to-take-a-joke readers were offended by this.

I think we all have that “baby holding a beer” picture from our childhood, don’t we? Mine wasn’t an actual beer, it was a Budweiser paper cup that had apple juice or something in it. This bottle just turns that photo op up a notch. Tasteless? Yes, probably. But I think we can all agree it’s meant to be a joke. It’s kind of the perfect gift: hilarious for your friends with a sense of humor and absolutely horrifying for those without one. Either way, you’re pleased after you gift it.

The bottle holds 10 oz of liquid and is a “BPA-free, phthalate-free plastic bottle with a food-grade silicone nipple.” Of course it is! It’s from Fred & Friends which may become your new favorite destination for awesome things you absolutely do not need. Like these:



Those are dinner plates for your kids! I am seriously considering spending upwards of $20 dollars on a dinner plate for my child now. How cute are these?

Back to the bottle: I wish it was a Pilsner, but I think this is a hilarious gag gift.

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