Marijuana Candy Warning for Trick-or-Treaters Goes Viral for Being Utterly Ridiculous

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Every year parents all over America freak out about the threat of poisoned Halloween candy. This week, Fox 29 issued a warning that people might be passing out weed candy to trick-or-treaters. Marijuana candy exists, but it’s extremely expensive. The idea that people would spend a fortune passing out marijuana candy is pretty laughable, especially since it would be trivially easy to catch anybody who did that.

Still, Fox 29 posted a warning about how parents need to be aware of unusual candy packaging. Apparently some extremely rich stoners might be giving away thousands of dollars of edibles for Halloween.

They weren’t the only outlet to share the warning…

Twitter’s response was swift and hilarious.

One Twitter user was disappointed by the fact that none of the random free drugs she was warned about ever actually materialized.

It’d be a hell of a lot cheaper to hand out full-sized candy bars, and then you’d get to be THAT house. Everyone wants to be that house.

This really does happen every year. My parents were worried about poison and razor blades. Today parents are also worried about various illegal and legal drugs in candy. But the biggest risk of kids getting into marijuana candy are parents who don’t put their marijuana candy away.

Last Halloween the sheriff of Bureau County, IL, caused a panic by telling everybody that someone had handed out marijuana candy to kids at Halloween that year. It wasn’t marijuana candy. Some awesome neighbor handed out “Crunch Choco Bars” from Japan, and the wrappers are decorated with Japanese maple leaves. Some people mistook the maple leaves for marijuana leaves, and everybody started acting like idiots.

According to The Smithsonian, only one known example of a person intentionally poisoning Halloween candy and giving it to Trick-or-Treaters exists. In 1974, a man poisoned his 8-year-old son for life insurance money, then gave more of the candy to three other neighborhood children to cover up his crime and make it look like poisoned Halloween candy was to blame. His son died, but nobody ate the other candy.

Parents are natural worriers, and the Halloween candy boogeyman feeds into that. But really, everybody can chill out about the risk of people giving marijuana candy to trick-or-treaters.

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