The 10 Best Baby Names Inspired By Beer


I love beer almost as much as I love my two beautiful babies”¦. although, my kids definitely don’t help me relax after a long, hard day. Even though I love my kids more than anything””as toddlers, they are often the source of my anxiety. But on the other hand, it’s perfectly legal to carry your baby while walking down the street. Try this with an open beer, and you’ll be in a world of hurt.

This is a tough one. I wish I had been smart enough to name my kids after delicious, delicious beer. Maybe there’s still time to change their birth certificates to one of these top 10 picks:

1. Bock.

I live in Texas, where little (Shiner) Bock would be one popular kid.

2. Cascade.

Your friends will applaud this gorgeous, hop-varietal-inspired girl’s name.

3. Colt.

This is a popular southern name in general, especially for those who like to sip on Colt 45 on a hot summer’s day. #maltliquor

4. Coors.

You are one brave, brave soul if you choose this name for your kid, but it just might be crazy enough to work.

5. Guinness.

I’ve known quite a few dogs with this name, so why not a strapping baby boy? You heard it here first.

6. Miller.

This name is totally fine, but I will give $100 if you choose the middle name ”Lite.”

7. Porter.

Pretty obvious but still a commendable baby beer name.

8. Samuel Adams.

This one is just a given for the lazy beer lover since you get a first name and a middle name all in one.

9. Shandy.

A totes adorable name that just happens to be a delicious mixture of half beer and half lemonade.

10. Vienna.

Vienna is a gorgeous name, save for that twat on The Bachelor, that also pays homage to Old Vienna Beer.

(Image: A.KaZaK/Shutterstock)

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