A Serendipitous Mother In The UK Now Has Two Sets Of Twins Born On The Same Day

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twinsTwins lottery twice in row! This then begs the question if having one set of twins better prepares you for another? Or does exhaustion of the twifant magnitude never leave you to begin with?

The Daily Mail reports that Kim Hefer, a 29-year-old mother of 4-year-old boys, has now welcomed an additional pair of twin boys — and they were born on the very same day as her first set. The mother conceived both sets naturally and before you start factoring in scheduled c-sections, it’s worth noting that Kim had plucked July 23rd for her children to be born.  But when the mother’s blood pressure became concerning-ly high on July 18th — the birthday of her toddlers — doctors decided an early c-section was best.

Kim has officially become the first mother in the UK to have two sets of twins born on the same day. Her double twin combination is already turning heads:

“People stop me in the street to look at the babies and then they notice my two older boys and they are amazed. Then when I tell them they were born on the same day they can never quite believe it – I think it is always going to be one of those great family stories.”

And quite the exhausting birthdays for many, many years to come.

(photo: Martin Valigursky/ Shutterstock)