White House Expects Us to Believe Melania Trump Didn’t Intend to Troll Her Husband on Twitter

Jokes about the seemingly icy relationship between the President of the United States and his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, are nothing new. While we’re used to the President responding to…well, everything, on Twitter, the First Lady rarely interacts on the social network. So Twitter was shook when Melania liked a snarky tweet about her husband on Tuesday, but now the White House is denying Melania’s involvement.

On Tuesday, progressive pundit Andy Ostroy tweeted a joke about the “wall” between the President and First Lady.

ohhhh burn
Image: via Twitter / @AndyOstroy

The joke went over well with his followers, but it apparently went over well with someone else, too…

oh we saw what you did, girl
Image: via Twitter / @melaniatrump

Ohhhhhh shiiiiiiiit.

Of course, Twitter users reacted exactly the way you’d expect.


Melania Trump
Image: Twitter / @williamlegate


When asked about the tweet, Melania’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told the New York Post ”The first lady wasn’t aware of this until I brought it to her attention.” Mmmm hmmmm. Grisham went on to note that the @melaniatrump account is not the First Lady’s primary account these days, and that it wasn’t clear if the first lady’s personal account had been hacked or if a person with approved access to the account had liked the tweet. Surrrrre. Melania, if this is a cry for help, blink twice.

The account unliked the tweet about an hour after it was first noticed, but as we all know, screenshots are forever.

(Image:Instagram / @flotus)

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