Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Had a Baby Boy, and His Name Is Very On-Brand

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have added a new achievement to their collective resume. They’re parents! Yesterday Heidi Montag gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and that’s already done more for both their careers than either time they appeared together as a single contestant on the U.K. version of Celebrity Big Brother.

Montag and Pratt are best known for being the bad guys on The Hills in 2006. Montag was pretty famous for a while there. The fact that she and Pratt are still together is pretty amazing, though. Who would have thought that of all the celebrity couples of the mid-aughts, Speidi would be the one to go the distance?

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The couple got married in 2008 and recently got back on the cover of US Weekly in April by announcing they were expecting a baby. Now that baby is here, and his name is Gunner Stone Pratt.

Gunner Stone was born yesterday weighing six pounds and 12 ounces. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and a pretty aggressive name for a six-pound baby.

Spencer Pratt told US Weekly the birth of his son was, “The most lit experience of my life.”

Gunner’s middle name is a reference to crystals. And it looks like he has his first sponsorship, because Pratt says they had $27,000 worth of crystals in the delivery room.

Pratt is already calling himself a “dadager” and saying they selected a baby name that would look good on social media. And while many expecting parents are concerned their baby’s initials might spell something inappropriate, Speidi had to make sure any potential baby names were available across all social media platforms. Then they made accounts for those names. (I guess we can go start following Gunner Stone on Snapchat now.)

“I just would like my baby to be a professional content maker,” Pratt said. “This kid will have an iPhone at birth. I’m gonna teach this kid how to Snap when they’re born, like, ‘Put your finger here.’”

It’s sort of hilarious that “professional content maker” Spencer Pratt thinks kids will be using Snapchat in 14 years. Social media changes quickly. In 14 years, kids will be doing things we can’t even imagine right now.

Their plan does look like it’s paying off right now, though. Having a baby is the best thing either of them have done for their careers in a decade.

The baby is even putting them back in touch with old friends and colleagues. Montag says she’s been getting parenting tips from her former Hills co-star  and current vocal anti-vaxxer Kristin Cavallari.

Montag and Pratt say they’re about to start a new reality TV show about their lives as parents, because of course they are.

What do you think of the baby name Gunner Stone? Let us know in the comments.

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