6-Year-Old ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ Alum Launches Lucrative Jewelry Line Along With Money Grubbing Mom

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isabella barrettIsabella Barrett, a Toddlers & Tiaras star whose mother famously turned around and accused other outlets of sexualizing her kid, is millionaire. The 6-year-old who once sang “I’m Sexy and I Know It” in a nightclub has launched her own kids’ jewelry and makeup line,  Glitzy Girl. And are she and mommy Susanna Barrett bringing home bank.

In Touch reports that the family has pulled down over a cool $1 million thanks to Glitzy Girl — that and a very pink princessy office. The first grader describes her business venture “a lot of fun,” asserting herself as “I’m the boss!” A trust fund has reportedly been set up for Isabella which she cannot touch until the age of 18.

Naturally, mommy Susanna says the whole Glitzy Girl concept was Isabella Barrett’s idea — after fans started to show interest:

“[Isabella] picks out the designs for our charm bracelets, and she’s tried on every color in our lip-gloss line,” says Susanna, who oversees the company full-time. “She is the guide for what’s cool!..When Bella would win a pageant, we would print the title she’d won on a charm and put it on a bracelet, so she could brag about her accomplishments,” Susanna proudly tells In Touch, adding that Glitzy Girl grew slowly, largely through word of mouth. “When Toddlers & Tiaras filmed at our jewelry factory,” she says, “I got a lot of response from fans — it took off from there!”

Children establishing their own savvy business ventures is something I can definitely get behind — but not when their parents are the ones fashioning reality TV neck-craning about their kid into brands. Daily Mail reports that Susanna Barrett recognizes the quandary of fellow Toddlers & Tiara‘s mom June, whose daughter Honey Boo Boo is now a pop culture sensation. But what’s a mother to do when there is ample cash to be made off your kid?

“I know her mom, June, wants to keep her grounded,” she said. “But… it’s time to jump on the money train.”

And that has reportedly been the intention all along. Like a lot of reality TV personalities (name any Real Housewives star ever), Susanna says that she (and Isabella) have always intended to use the pageant circuit as a way to develop other projects.

The Mail writes it best when they say, “But the mother-of-two seems to have no qualms about cashing in on her daughter’s fame.”


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