Debra Messing Blasted With Hate Over Her Son’s Protest

Looks like Debra Messing is making waves and it has nothing to do with the Will and Grace reboot. Turns out, being proud of her kid’s stand against hate and racism is a bad thing. Or, at least it is according to one mother on Twitter. Messing recently took her 13-year-old son to a Rangers game. The two seem to go frequently according to her social media accounts, but it wasn’t until recently that her son decided to make a statement.

The now deleted post read: “‘Please stand for the Star Spangled Banner.’ Son: ‘Mom, I want to sit down in protest. Can we do that?’ Me: ‘Yes, hone. We can do that.'” Debra Messing gets it.

”Who’s crying? I’m not crying. #BLM (Black Lives Matter)” she wrote, reports Fox News.

But, because this is the world we live in, and the internet is cruel and ignorant, someone called Messing a ”loser.” Lisa Smith claims to be the mother of a veteran. Based on her tweet, Smith believes not standing for the anthem is actually spitting on freedom and the troops or something stupid like that.

“You’re proud your son boycotted our Anthem?” she tweeted at the actress. “I’m proud of MY son. You know why? HE can’t kneel or walk on his. HE was wounded fighting for the freedom that YOU spit on, yet he has NO regrets!”

I’m sorry, Ms. Smith, the anthem protests have nothing to do with hating freedom or veterans. They have everything to do with police violence and racial inequality. If you don’t want people of all races to have the same freedoms, isn’t it you who is spitting on freedom?


Debra hasn’t responded to the tweet, but she has always shown support to both the Black Lives Matter movement and the anthem protests. So, Messing has likely decided that feeding into trolls isn’t worth her time, which is true, she has better things to do!

However, Messing did delete her original post probably so she didn’t have to see her notifications erupt with hate. She has tweeted out a link showing Representative Sheila Jackson Lee kneeling in protest and solidarity with the NFL players.

Personally, I believe there is no point in freedom if you don’t have freedom to protest including during the national anthem.

(Image: Instagram/@therealdebramessing)

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