Be Prepared to Binge””Llama Llama Is Coming to Netflix

Attention parents! Llama Llama is coming to Netflix! This means moms might actually be able to get a second or two to themselves while the kids binge-watch it. Based on the hit book series, Llama Llama (Red Pajama), the show is set to start streaming on Friday, January 26. The series will feature 15 half-hour episodes, which might not seem like a lot, but we all know kids won’t judge too much. If the book’s popularity is any indication, this show might soon be one of the most re-watched shows on Netflix.

The series will focus on Llama Llama’s adventures as a growing preschooler. He is accompanied by his mother, who will be played by the amazing Jennifer Garner. We will also get to see Llama Llama’s grandparents and friends come to life on screen as well.

”We are extremely proud to deliver a series that we believe honors Anna Dewdney’s legacy,” said Andy Heyward, chairman, and CEO of Genius Brands reports Baby Center.


Dewdney passed away last year after battling brain cancer. She firmly believed that reading to a child is one of the most important things a person can do. Not only does reading help a child understand language, but it also instills a love of it as well. A love of language is one of the first steps to raising a fan of reading.

What makes Llama Llama such a great story, for both kids and parents, is that Llama Llama and his mama are going through experiences that kids and parents go through on a regular basis. It helps that the books are also written in an addictive rhyme scheme.

The very first book dealt with a child’s insecurities about being left alone at bedtime. So kids can see themselves in how Llama Llama acts throwing tantrums, listing excuses, and being scared while moms can relate to how mama llama comforts and confronts her child.

”Little Llama don’t you know, mama Llama loves you so, Mama Llama’s always near, even when she’s not right here,” Mama Llama says in the book. (Translation: I love you to the moon and back kid. You don’t have to worry, I’m not leaving you. Now be quiet and go to sleep, I have a glass of wine waiting for me.)

Are your kids fans of the Llama Llama books? How excited will they be for this amazing series?

(YouTube / Netflix Kids & Family)

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