The Edible Glitter Turkey Is Here, So You Can Have The Most Extra Thanksgiving

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glitter turkey

Image: Reynold’s Kitchen

For those who host Thanksgiving, there is always a sense of how to make it fun. If you’re hosting for a repeat time, then you’re probably running out of ideas. There are actually a lot of ways to prepare a turkey. But it’s hard to create a meal that’s memorable. Well, if you’re looking for something memorable, look no further. Reynolds, the company famous for their aluminum foil, has brought us the edible glitter turkey. No, you’re not seeing things, that says glitter turkey. Honestly, you can’t get much more extra than an turkey covered in edible glitter. Not even a little.

Another cool point? You’re making your own edible glitter. So not only are you tricking out your bird, you’re learning a new skill. And it will certainly wow your guests. The turkey and the amount of time it takes to make such a thing. If you’re enough of a show-off to make an edible glitter turkey, you’re showy enough to make the glitter yourself too.

Extra AF

On their website, Reynolds is selling the turkey as a “millennial” turkey. Well, they’re not exactly wrong about that. Millennials are known for being pretty out there when it comes to our food. But to be fair, we do eat with our eyes before we eat with our mouths. Millennials are also known for being hella extra when it comes to just about anything. We like being ostentatious in the most out there ways possible. The key is owning that. So when your 80 year old grandma asks why you’ve decided to serve such a ridiculous thing, you can say it was all handmade.

Look grandma, we’re tired of eating the same old boring turkey every year okay? It’s time to try something new.

Unicorn Magic

This turkey is likely to also be a hit with the 13 and under crowd. You know the types, they slather everything with a layer of sparkles and they’re usually wearing a rainbow somewhere on their person. Little kids are notorious for being visual eaters, and we’d bet most kids would be super freaking excited to eat a turkey covered in glitter. Because they’re extra af too. Your little cousin who comes to Thanksgiving dinner wearing her mermaid dress and unicorn sneakers will totally be down for eating a glitter turkey. Just saying.

When it comes to cooking the turkey itself, Reynolds has you set and ready with a recipe, complete with cooking times. They also share a video from their “friends” at Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio on how to make your own edible glitter. It’s a lot of work honestly. But it will look so freaking cool.

Would you try to make an edible glitter turkey? Would you eat one?