Build-A-Bear Has A New Plush Grinch, And We All Need One

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Image: Dr. Seuss

Our favorite green furry Christmas hater is back. The Grinch has brought his lovable brand of miserly joy to Build A Bear for the holidays. Because of his new movie, there are two plush versions of the Grinch. And there are some seriously cute accessories. So prepare yourself to spend some money because you’ll want them all. Honestly, how could you not want your own version of the Grinch to snuggle with? Even though he is a Christmas grump, he’s just so darn cute as a plush toy! You will not be able to help yourself from stealing your little one’s toy.

First up, you have your traditional version of the character. He is 19 inches and can sit or stand.  This green furry guy has his signature wry smirk and one hand to wave from the top of his hill. What’s more, you can either buy him ready to take home, or you can go through the process of stuffing him yourself. That’s where the fun really begins. You can even add a sound chip of six hilariously grinchy sayings. Our favorite is “ho, ho…no.” Plus, you can also buy his Santa suit and re-create your own version of his holiday heist.

The Grinch

Image: Build a Bear

But, if you’re looking for something a little more cute, you’re in luck. Build a Bear has also created a young Grinch. If your heart doesn’t grow three sizes by looking at him, then you don’t have one. This little guy still has the Grinch’s signature green body, including the hair tuft, just in a cuddlier package. And the best part is, you can walk in and grab him without having to get him stuffed. So, he’s cute and easy to purchase.

Young Grinch plush

Image: Build a Bear

Sadly, even though we get the Santa outfit, there is no plush version of the Grinch’s sidekick Max. Without Max, who’s pulling the sleigh? Well, your kiddo will just have to get creative with that one. There also isn’t a Who plush, so your Grinch is going to truly be a cranky loner up on his hill.

If you’re not having a Grinch of your own (but why not?) there is also a “Team Grinch” outfit that you can put on any Build a Bear plush. The 19 inch version retails for $25.50, and the young version is $12.50. Happy shopping!