Women Given Sexist ‘Goodie Bags’ at ‘Wonder Woman’ Screening

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Everyone’s talking about the recently released film, Wonder Woman—which is currently at the top of the box office. The film has gotten rave reviews, and goes to show that you can have a successful super hero film with a female lead. It’s encountered a little controversy, of course. Mainly, some guys got a little emotional over the fact that some theaters were hosting women-only screenings of the film (because smash the patriarchy, y’all). Unfortunately, misogyny runs deep in society, which led to this next PR gaff: women being given sexist “goodie bags” at a Wonder Woman screening in Belgium.

Folks who attended a women-only screening of the film on June 6th at a theater in Belgium were surprised when they were handed pink goodie bags with the words “Cool stuff inside” written on them. It could have very well been cool stuff. They could have filled them up with Wonder Woman schwag: t-shirts, golden lassos, buttons, those Funko Pop toys, future movie tickets, notebooks with the Wonder Woman logo..whatever. Sadly, this was not the case. Instead, the attendees were upset to find diet pill pamphlets, squeegees, sponges, chocolate, bags of quinoa, and chips.

Wait, What?

According to Mashable, the theater claims the contents of the bag were “just products from the theater’s sponsors,” wiping their hands of how offensive the so-called goodies might have been for their patrons. But if you ask me, that’s a pretty weak response.

While I completely understand that some folks who decided to become sponsors were those who cater mainly to women (especially the cleaning products and diet stuff), there are a few factors at play here. For one, the theater could have suggested the sponsors offer other types of products. Or they could have told some sponsors they weren’t welcome to hand out items for that particular film—a film that is essentially about the empowerment of women. I suppose the chips and chocolate were fine since you might want snacks while you watch a film, but still.

Additionally, you have to wonder about the mentality of all these companies who continue to try and push products on women—while continuing to ignore roughly half of the rest of the population. I mean, why not hand out squeegees at The Mummy or the new Pirates of the Caribbean? Maybe next time we’ll just need Wonder Woman herself to come down and show these marketers what’s what.

(Image: YouTube / KinoCheck International)