This Holiday Season, Spread Some Cheer As A Professional Holiday Elf

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Do you love Christmas more than life itself? Does the smell of noble firs and peppermint sent you into a tailspin? Do you consider Santa to be a close personal friend? Then have I got the job opportunity for you! We all need to make a little extra money around the holidays, right? There are gifts and decorations and lots of yummy food to buy. Well, if you’re in the position to travel (to Finland!), then you could very well work as a full-time Christmas elf this year. I mean sure, it means you’ll miss Christmas with your family. BUT YOU’LL BE SPREADING HOLIDAY CHEER.

Finnish travel company Lapland Safaris has posted a job listing for a full-time Christmas elf. Literally, you’ll be an elf.

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This is 100% legit, you guys. The job listing reads, “Would you like to work as an Christmas Elf for one of the biggest event organizer in Finnish Lapland? We are hiring employees for Christmas season 2018 for all Lapland Safaris destinations.” You’ll be assigned to a group of customer, helping them with things like schedules and itineraries. You could be a bus elf! Whatever that means!

So what does it take to be an elf? What are some qualities one should possess in order to be the best full-time Christmas elf you can be?

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Lapland says, “We expect our Elves to be energetic, outgoing, positive persons with good customer skills. Elves work in an international environment, so good oral skills in English are essential and other language skills (French/Spanish/German) are advantageous.” Sure. That all sounds perfectly reasonable.

Now for the bad news. The job is in … Finland. Your elfship will start at the end of November, and run through the beginning of January 2019. You’ll be sharing an apartment with other elves, which honestly sounds awesome. But this might not be the job for you if you have, like, another job or kids or whatever.

But someone out there is going to make the perfect full-time Christmas elf. The rest of us will just have to settle for Elf sugar cookies and watching the best Christmas movie ever made on repeat.