Pink, #FailingBeautifully Is Just Like Most Moms in Summer… Over It

Singer Pink has always been known for her “IDGAF” attitude. That’s one of the biggest parts of what make people love her so much, and for good reason. People appreciate a celebrity who can keep it real. So, when Pink shared a picture of her 6 year old daughter Willow Sage on Instagram, moms all around the world probably breathed a sigh of relief. Celebrity moms, they can be just like us. In the photo, Willow is perched on her bike in only her underwear, with no bike helmet on. Because it’s summer vacation, and Pink is probably just as over it as every other mom is. But we know, celebrity parents face undue backlash so, there’s that.

“Yeah my kid rides her bike inside. Without clothes. And helmets. While I ignore her and look at my phone.”

She hastagged the photo #failingbeautifully but I don’t see where exactly she’s failing. Letting your kid run around naked is totally normal to me; my kid frequently drops to his skivvies or less if I allow him to, which I totally do in the summer. From the other hashtag on the Insta post, Pink and her family (which includes husband Carey Hart and infant son Jameson) are currently in New York City. It gets super hot and humid in NYC during the summer. There’s nothing better than stripping down and opening the windows to try and catch a cool breeze. Plus, naked littles is totally normal, and should not be considered a “thing.” The human body is beautiful and a little girl running around with no top on isn’t sexual at all.

Pink also admits that she’s letting her daughter ride her bike indoors with no helmet on.

Again, doesn’t seem out of the norm to me. If it’s keeping her occupied, then who the hell cares right? It’s summer and poor Pink has probably heard “Mommy, I want to go outside and ride my bike” a million times. Maybe the baby is sleeping. So eventually you just say “screw it” and let them ride inside. I know plenty of parents who let their kids ride scooters and bikes inside and most of them don’t require helmets either. So, it’s all good.

And what mom doesn’t deserve a little time to zone out on her phone? I mean seriously. My phone is practically glued to my hand for most of the day. I definitely don’t care if people judge me for it, and neither should Pink. As one person commented on the photo “Huh? Failing? Alive?  Happy?  Loved?  You’re crushing it! ” So obviously she’s got the support of most parents!

(Image: Instagram / @pink)

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