30 Things You Didn’t Know About Princess Diana And Prince Charles’ Relationship

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Once upon a time, there lived a Prince who was looking for a princess.  The prince, Prince Charles soon met a woman named Diana, and they decided to marry. But the two were not well matched, and couldn’t live happily ever after.  This is the story of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Though she died 20 years ago, people know Princess Diana as a royal international icon  revered for her humanitarian efforts, gentle spirit, and elegant fashion sense. Before she became a princess, Diana was a kindergarten teacher from a respected family of nobility.

Prince Charles, the eldest child of Queen Elizabeth II and heir to the British throne, was a well-educated royal and the epitome of privilege and prestige.  He was certainly well-respected and refined, but the idea that a 32-year old man would court a 19-year old seem odd.  The two were ill-matched and had nothing in common. It became a loveless marriage that they tried to make work for the sake of the monarchy.

But scandals and affairs ruined their chances of happiness together. Prince Charles was still in love with his old flame, Camila Parker Bowles, and Princess Diana was tired of fighting for his attention and love and started to have affairs of her own.  Though they couldn’t make their marriage work, their greatest accomplishments were their sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. The princes carry on Princess Diana’s efforts by keeping her memory alive in charity and international affairs.  Follow along with us as we look at the facts you may not have known about the dear Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

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