The Perfect Gifts For Anyone Who Loves The Duchess Of Sussex

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These earrings are hilarious.

We’ll be the first to admit that Prince Harry was always our favorite. He seems like a genuine, fun guy, and who can resist that ginger beard?! No offense to William, and a full head of hair goes a long way in our book. As far as we’re concerned, Harry’s stock shot WAY up when he fell in love with and married Meghan Markle. They seem so perfectly suited for one another, and good lord do they make an attractive couple. So show your love for them both with these hilariously adorable earrings from Etsy shop WittyChicken. The earrings feature the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and are made of double-stacked card stock and laminate. And at $8.50 a pair, you really can’t go wrong.

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