A Lookback At Meghan Markle’s Most Iconic Pregnancy Outfits

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OK, listen. We KNOW we’re just a wee bit obsessed with Meghan Markle lately. We are fully aware! But we make no apologies for it. Ever since the romance between Meghan and Prince Harry was made public, we just can’t get enough of her. Don’t get us wrong – we love us some Kate Middleton, and always will. But there’s something about Meghan that has just captivated people around the world. It could have something to do with how very much in love she and Harry clearly seem to be. Or it could be that she’s an American, and since we don’t have our own royal family, we need to ride her coattails right into the palace! Whatever it is, there’s no denying that Meghan is quite the fetching royal figure at the moment.

But few things about Meghan have captured our attention like her pregnancy. We can’t imagine how hard it is to be pregnant in the public eye. So many judgments and criticisms and pregnancy “experts” weighing in constantly. Plus all that travel and smiling and standing, LOL. We admire Meghan’s ability to always look like a million bucks, even when we know that baby has probably taken up position right on her bladder. It’s not just about looking polished and put-together; the clothes, after all, aren’t responsible for the glow and happiness on her face. But the clothes, they are quite good. Here’s a look back at some of Meghan Markle’s most glorious pregnant outfits. She rocks the bump so well.

Meghan Markle can wear anything, anytime. But this blush-colored number was especially perfect.

meghan markle
Image: Instagram/@meghanmarkelwales

We’ll just go ahead and state the obvious – Meghan Markle is a seriously gorgeous pregnant woman. We’ll also try to keep our jealousy at bay, difficult as it may be. We love that she doesn’t shy away from body-hugging looks. Why should she? That bump is too cute! She wore this all-blush number on a royal visit to The National Museum in January. It’s from Brandon Maxwell’s spring-summer runway line, and we absolutely adore it. She kept the accessories understated, which plays well with the simpleness of the dress/jacket combo. And of course, Meghan always wows us with her shoe choice.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made an unannounced visit to New Zealand House in London following the Christchurch massacre.

Image: Instagram/@People

Following the devastating massacre at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a surprise visit to New Zealand house in London. While there, they signed a condolence book honoring the victims of the mass shooting, and laid flowers at a makeshift memorial. Meghan opted for simple, understated black for the occasion. She also wore earrings given to her by New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. While this is certainly not the type of royal visit where people focused on what she wore, we love that she wore the earrings as a show of support to the people of New Zealand.

This is one of our favorite pregnant Meghan Markle looks.

Image: Instagram/@meghanmarklesparkle

This is one of our favorite Meghan Markle looks, pregnant or not. We love the nod to menswear, the slicked-back hair, the glamorous-yet-simplified tone of her entire ensemble. Meghan wore this Givenchy button-down and skirt combo to the Endeavor Fund Awards this year. She goes with Givenchy a lot, which isn’t surprising given how many times the fashion house has come through for her. She even kept the accessories simple, except for the shoes. The gold-strapped Aquazzura heels (one of her favorite shoe designers) added a lovely pop to an otherwise simple outfit. Business doesn’t have to bland, based on what we’re seeing here.

We love the flow of this one.

Image: Instagram/@yahoolifestyle

Honestly though, what else would you possibly wear on a royal trip to Morocco? This is definitely one of Meghan’s showstopper looks. Plus, this dress looks insanely comfortable. Which when you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy takes precedent over everything else! Meghan Markle wore this custom Carolina Herrera gown to Mohammed VI of Morocco’s royal palace. It’s elegant, colorful, and so perfect for the occasion. A lot of the time, we look at some of the gowns royals have to squeeze themselves into at various stages of pregnancy and sort of cringe at how uncomfortable they must be. Someone needs to knock this one off so we can buy one, because it looks like something we could live in everyday.

Can’t go wrong with chains and hats!

Image: Instagram/@modesens

“Tell me what you want, what you really really want!” Well, for starters, we want this chain-print midi dress from former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s fashion line. We’ll take the hat and coat too, we’re not picky. This dress made it’s debut at London Fashion Week just a month before Meghan Markle wore it for Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. The dark green clutch and matching pumps add a nice touch of color. And her hat is definitely a nod to Jackie Kennedy, who was quite fond of the pillbox hat and wore them often. Winning look, from head to toe.

Color pop!

Image: Instagram/@meghanmarklesparkle

Now THAT’S how you pull of a pop of color. Or pop of colors, we suppose? We’re sort of used to seeing the royals in more muted, safe tones. So when Meghan Markle stepped out in bright red and royal (ha!) purple, it was like a breath of fresh air. We love how this outfit is vibrant, yet still somehow understated. She didn’t so bright or loud prints, opting instead to go with a simple two-toned color palette. The purple dress is Artizia, and the the red coat is by Sentaler. Meghan even went big bright with her shoes, opting for a red to match her coat, and not a tan to match her handbag.

Who knew you could look this good on the cheap?

Image: Instagram/@royallyobsessedpodcast

Sometimes we read the names of the designers Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton occasionally wear, and while we sort of recognize the names, we know there’s no way in hell we’d ever be able to wear one of their pieces. So when a royal steps out in something off the rack? Well, that automatically gets a spot on the list of our favorite looks. Meghan wore this bodycon H&M maternity dress to an event at the Mayhew Animal Welfare Charity in London. You guys, that dress retails for $35. That’s it! We have an inkling the Armani coat she paired it with is … slightly more than $35, but still. Gotta love that Meghan knows a good deal when she sees it.

When in doubt, always go with green.

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

We all know that once you round third, that final homestretch of pregnancy is kind of a crap shoot. You still have to, like, go places and do things. So you look for whatever is going to fit, first of all. And you want it to look cute and make you look cute and maybe not look like you want to just lie on the couch and eat snacks. Meghan Markle made the perfect choice to check off all those requirements with this green ensemble from Erdem. She wore it just about a week ago, and at some angles, you can’t even tell she’s pregnant! So in addition to being beautiful, this emerald green sheath and coat also appear to be magic.

She’s got legs, and she knows how to use them.

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

Gasp! Those are kn-kn-kn … KNEES! We kid, we kid. We love seeing the young, playful side of Meghan Markle, and this mod-print mini with sleek blazer combo definitely fits the bill. We’re not even that jealous that you can actually see her knees. No, we’re not remembering how our knees looked like dough left to rise at this stage of our pregnancies. Nope, not us! Meghan wore this black and white shift dress from Azzura to a panel discussion in honor of International Women’s Day. The little brooch on her lapel isn’t just for accessorizing, either. It’s actually a nod to her new role as Vice-President of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

This next look can only be described as pregnant glam.

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

It’s hard to pull of glamorous maternity wear, but somehow Meghan Markle never misses a beat. On the same royal tour of Morocco where she wore that gorgeous blue dress, Meghan brought out the big guns for a red carpet reception hosted by the British Ambassador to Morocco. Wearing head-to-toe Dior, the Duchess managed to look both fancy and comfortable, which isn’t easy to pull off. It seems that the farther she gets into her pregnancy, the more Meghan is leaning toward clothes that make her look good and are probably very easy to wear. We could totally see lounging around in this flowing number, and the cape is an interesting touch.

From high fashion to the stables, is there anything Meghan Markle can’t pull off?

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

This is one of our favorite pregnant Meghan Markle outfits for the simple reason that we can be seen wearing some variation of this every single day. Jeggings? Yep. Striped tee? Don’t judge us for how many of those we own. Cute and functional utility coat? A wardrobe staple from October through March. Meghan’s entire outfit is off-the-rack, too. J. Crew jacket, Breton top, and Stuart Weitzman booties. Now, clearly, she couldn’t wear a cute heels and dress to visit horses in an actual stable. But still. We love how she can look just as good dressed down as she does dressed to the nines.

We want this dress. And the boots.

Image: Instagram/@thatssosussex

In early February, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited One25 Charity, an organization supporting sex workers in Bristol, England. The Duchess mixed it up a bit, with a whimsical maternity dress from Oscar de la Renta and thigh-high olive green suede boots from Sarah Flint. First of all, we’re genuinely jealous that she can fit boots over her knees and onto her thighs this late in pregnancy? Also, that dress is FANTASTIC. It’s covered in random animals and plants and flowers. Come on! This is a fun, casual look that we could see Meghan wearing again while pushing the new royal baby around in one of those ridiculously cute and not-at-all functional prams.

Another casual look from the Duchess.

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

This is another one of those looks that we would absolutely rock on a regular basis. OK, who are we kidding – we would wear every single thing in Meghan’s closet. We’d wear Dior gowns to bed. We’d wear pajamas to Target. We’re not picky! But this cute little pleated dress from paired with a white blazer from Aritzia is chic, polished, and perfect for a stroll through a little beach town. We also love that she went with a simple, pulled-back hairstyle but still added some oomph with those gorgeous gold statement earrings from Gas Bijoux. Sometimes it’s better to keep the clothes simple and let the accessories speak for themselves, and Meghan Markle understand this all too well.

Why try to hide your bump when you can cover it in sequins?

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

The way Meghan Markle swings between casual comfort and just downright glamorous goddess is simply amazing. Effortless! Let’s ignore for a moment that she has a team of stylists that help put these looks together. It’s not necessarily about the clothes themselves – it’s about the way Meghan looks in them. She looks just as comfortable in a full sequined body-hugging gown as she does in booties and jeggings. This dress she wore to Cirque du Soleil’s Totem show at Royal Albert Hall in London is one of her more dramatic looks, but we love every single part of it.

So simple, so incredibly elegant.

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

This is going to go down as one of Meghan Markle’s most iconic looks. We know, we know, she has years ahead of her to set trends and blow our minds. But when she made a surprise appearance at The Fashion Awards to honor Clare Waight Keller, the world collectively gasped. This was one of the first glimpses we got of Meghan’s burgeoning bump, and she chose the perfect silk one-shouldered dress to showcase it. Meghan was there to present the award to Keller, the director of Givenchy who actually designed Meghan’s amazing wedding dress. At the award show, Meghan wore (of course) Givenchy.

Sweet floral with an even sweeter neckline.

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

Ugh, this another one of the Meghan Markle pregnancy looks that we want for ourselves right now, to wear all the time. This is just the sweetest dress, and it looks so cute over her belly. One of the things we love about how Meghan dresses during this pregnancy is that she doesn’t shy away from showing off her amazing bump. Sometimes, women try to dress their bumps down. But Meghan is like … nah. Here it is, and it is glorious! The dress is Brock Collection, and she paired it with a Soia & Kyo Adelaida maxi coat and a clutch from Wilbur & Gussie.

Even dressed down, Meghan Markle looks amazing.

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

We’ll be the first to admit that watching Meghan and Kate walk around in heels their entire pregnancy gives us sympathy pains. We have unpleasant flashbacks to swollen feet and ankles and lower back pain. When you’re pregnant, sometimes you just need to slide your feet into some flats and wear your favorite, most comfy maternity jeans. And if you’re Duchess Meghan, you still look like a million bucks in that outfit! During their trip to Morocco, Meghan wore HATCH skinnies, black flats, and a roomy blazer from Alice + Olivia. This is such a cute outfit, and we would wear it everyday, pregnant or not!

Lady in red!

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

This silhouette is just perfect for a growing mama! It’s got a swinging 60’s vibe, but the neck and shoulders give it such an elegant twist. And honestly, Meghan can wear pretty much anything, but we think red might be her color. The Duchess wore this Valentino dress for her arrival in Casablanca in February, and she didn’t just choose it for the amazing shape. The color red is featured on the Moroccan flag, and symbolizes valor, bravery, and strength. The dress was an excellent choice, both sartorially and meaningfully. But then again, Meghan rarely makes a fashion misstep, so we expect nothing less from her.

Baby shower casual in NYC.

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

When you’re the Duchess of Sussex, you can wear whatever you want to your baby shower. And when you’re Meghan Markle, you could show up to your baby shower in a flour sack and still look better than 98% of the people there. When Meghan was stateside for one of her baby showers, she went casual with some skinnies, simple nude pumps, and super cute brocade coat. Black on black, which is sort of the NYC uniform, isn’t it? She managed to look chic, posh, and comfortable all at the same time, which is no easy feat! We love casual Meghan, for real.

How does she look this good in all white?!

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

Real talk: if you can pull off an all-white ensemble, you should always wear it. There’s something so sophisticated about white-on-white, but it is not something we can personally pull off, LOL. Meghan, on the other hand, looks straight-up ethereal. She wore this Calvin Klein dress and Amanda Wakeley coat to a performance at the Natural History Museum in London. We love how she paired it with olive green suede pumps and a matching green clutch for a pop of muted color. And if you look closely, you can even see Meghan’s cute little pregnant belly button popping out!

This coat and these shoes are perfection.

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

Meghan Markle completely kills this look. Two classic pieces at once: an amazing little black dress, with a classic and timeless coat. So simple, no frills, just a LBD and coat and the cutest damn handbag we’ve ever seen. That’s what’s so great about Meghan’s pregnancy style: she doesn’t have to try hard (or at all) to set some serious trends with her looks. The swing coat is Oscar de la Renta, and the little black dress is from maternity company HATCH. At $218, the dress isn’t even out of the realm of possibility for a lot of pregnant women, so it’s definitely a piece you should consider adding to your wardrobe.

We should all consider wearing more hats.

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

The royals wear hats like it’s part of their family business. And here’s the truth: if we saw that hat on a rack in a store, we’d probably giggle and walk away very quickly. But seeing it on Meghan Markle makes us think that maybe feathered hats should really be a thing. For Christmas Day services in Sandringham, Meghan wore head to toe navy, and placed upon her head the cutest damn hat we’ve ever seen. We suppose if you’re keeping it simple with a navy dress and coat, you want to accessorize like a boss with a cool hat. Someone needs to start a petition to make hats a thing in the US.

Showing some shoulder is always a good choice!

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

Ooh la la! We don’t see a sultry, va-va-voom side to the royals very often. We get it, they have to present a certain look, and that look is a lot of high necklines and knee-length skirts and hats. So when Meghan Markle stepped out in this amazing sequin and satin number for the Royal Variety Performance, we gasped. She looked stunning, as always, and the silhouette worked perfectly for her growing bump. The best part is that this outfit is sort of Frankensteined together. The sequined bustier is Malaya, and she customized it with a halter strap. She paired the top with a simple black satin skirt.

Another navy dress with another adorable hat!

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

This is so freaking proper and precious we can’t even stand it. This is the sort of outfit we’ve come to expect from a member of the royal family, but somehow Meghan Markle makes it sparkle! Maybe it’s the baby bump popping out from under the the belted top. Maybe it’s the beret placed jauntily on her head. Whatever it is, she’s just got that certain something. The neckline of this peplum top is very similar to the neckline of her custom-designed Givenchy wedding dress. This is kind of Meghan’s signature neckline, and we love it so much. And we have to say, while navy has the tendency to look sort of boring, it never looks boring on the Duchess of Sussex.

Casual Meghan strikes again, but with a cute twist.

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

Black skinnies? Check! Comfy flats? Check! Oversize puffy down coat? Uh … what? That’s not something Meghan Markle normally wears! And she didn’t start the day out in it, either. Apparently the Duchess caught a bit of a chill on the last day of her first royal tour, so Prince Harry lent her his coat on a tour of the redwoods in Rotorua, New Zealand. All together now: AWWWWW! This was shortly after Harry and Meghan announced their pregnancy, and we know that those early in-between weeks are kind of hard to dress for. Wearing your husband’s coat is always a good choice.

Meghan Markle somehow managed to look cute as hell even in those early weeks of pregnancy.

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

As we all know, those early weeks are some of the hardest to dress for. Because you’re not quite big enough for people to notice you’re pregnant and get away with maternity-ish clothes. But you’ve probably already swelled out of your regular sizes. Plus those early weeks are when lots of pregnant women feel the worst, with morning sickness and fatigue and whatnot. But somehow, Meghan always looked 100% put together and stylish as hell. You can definitely start to notice her style transformation during this first royal tour, right after they shared the pregnancy news. But because it’s Meghan Markle, the transformation was flawless.

The first hint of a baby bump!

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

OK, so it’s a very small hint. A tiny, barely perceptible hint. Like, a whisper of a hint. But it was totally there! Shortly after Meghan and Harry announced the impending arrival of a new royal baby, Meghan stepped out in this royal blue sweater and skirt combo. It’s really the perfect I’m-pregnant-but-just-barely outfit, and she wore it beautifully. The skirt had so much movement and flair, and the color looked absolutely stunning on the Duchess. This is one of her most iconic pregnancy outfits, and pregnant and soon-to-be-pregnant women all over the world started scouring the internet for their very own pleated midi skirt.

Awwww, the hand on the little belly!

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

Once again, we are jealous of Meghan’s ability to wear fitted, white dresses. Like, we have kids, so white is out of the question, 100% of the time. Maybe she’s getting it out of her system, before grubby toddler hands make wearing white a potential hazard? We love that she’s cradling her barely-there baby bump, and we totally remember doing the very same thing when we were newly pregnant. Meghan Markle paired this custom Brandon Maxwell dress with a Burberry trench, for a clean and classic look. Also, she was rocking that pregnancy glow, which is the perfect accessory to pretty much any outfit.

She’s had a thing for the jeans and blazer look for a while.

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

When it comes to casual looks, Meghan Markle seems to favor the jeans and blazer combo. She’s worn it several times, in some variation or another. We love how she’s adapted it to her pregnancy, keeping the same look but changing it ever so slightly as her belly gets bigger. She’s swapped out her regular skinny jeans for a maternity version now, and she traded in this cropped blazer for a longer, looser version later in her pregnancy. But it’s such a classic Meghan look! We super love that she paired it with wellies that matched Prince Harry’s during the outing. They’re so in tune, right down to their footwear.


Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

Even the freaking Duchess of Sussex knows what every woman wants: a cute dress with pockets. Put pockets in everything. Why should pockets only be for pants? We want dresses with pockets, dresses we can wear when we’re itty bitty pregnant and when we’re really REALLY pregnant. This cute white sleeveless dress is one of our favorite Meghan Markle looks, and not just because of the pockets (but it does have a lot to do with the pockets!). It’s youthful, it’s fun, it’s fresh. Royal fashion doesn’t have to be all buttoned up and stuffy, as Meghan shows us every single time she steps out.

Another dress, another hand on the belly.

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

OK, first of all, this color should just be renamed Meghan Markle purple. This? Is her color. It’s absolute perfection on her, and we love it so much. This dress is also probably incredibly comfortable, even though it looks the opposite. It’s a soft jersey slim-fit dress from Hugo Boss, and given that Meghan wore it on a flight, we imagine she probably appreciated that it was soft and had some give. The belt and neckline are really amazing, and it gives what could be a cute but meh dress some serious attitude. This was one of the first indications that Meghan wasn’t going to sacrifice her style during her pregnancy.

A Duchess in a dress fit for a princess!

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

Oscar de la Renat really knows how to make a lady feel like a princess, and this black and white tulle number with the looped ribbon laser-cut birds is a princess dress if we’ve ever seen one. Honestly, as exhausting as it must be to have to get ready and go out and smile and be pretty and nice all the damn time, we bet it’s so much fun to get to peruse some of the best fashion in the world to pick the one that strikes your fancy. Meghan Markle wore this gorgeous dress in October, a couple of weeks after announcing her pregnancy, and we bet she felt like a million bucks.

We didn’t know Meghan was pregnant yet when this dress was being made, but someone did…

Image: Instagram/@duchess_mm_outfits

When bridal designer Don O’Neill from THEIA was commissioned to create this dress (in a hurry!) for the Duchess’s first royal tour, he had his work cut out for him. But just before the dress was finished and about to be sent to Meghan Markle at the end of September, O’Neill got a request to add in an extra seam allowance. Now, we didn’t know it yet, but the palace was already making plans to make room for a wee baby! Extra seam allowance to allow for a growing belly – that’s the first sign of a pregnant Duchess. O’Neill kept the secret, and the world found out a short time later that Meghan had a bun in the oven.

Meghan Markle has a handful of weeks left in her pregnancy, and while we’re excited to see what she steps out in, we’re actually hoping that we don’t see much of her at all in this final stretch! She needs to relax and get ready for that babe. But we’ll be drooling over her postpartum/mama wardrobe in no time.

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