A Lookback At Meghan Markle’s Most Iconic Pregnancy Outfits

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meghan markle pregnnat

Image: John Rainford/WENN

OK, listen. We KNOW we’re just a wee bit obsessed with Meghan Markle lately. We are fully aware! But we make no apologies for it. Ever since the romance between Meghan and Prince Harry was made public, we just can’t get enough of her. Don’t get us wrong – we love us some Kate Middleton, and always will. But there’s something about Meghan that has just captivated people around the world. It could have something to do with how very much in love she and Harry clearly seem to be. Or it could be that she’s an American, and since we don’t have our own royal family, we need to ride her coattails right into the palace! Whatever it is, there’s no denying that Meghan is quite the fetching royal figure at the moment.

But few things about Meghan have captured our attention like her pregnancy. We can’t imagine how hard it is to be pregnant in the public eye. So many judgments and criticisms and pregnancy “experts” weighing in constantly. Plus all that travel and smiling and standing, LOL. We admire Meghan’s ability to always look like a million bucks, even when we know that baby has probably taken up position right on her bladder. It’s not just about looking polished and put-together; the clothes, after all, aren’t responsible for the glow and happiness on her face. But the clothes, they are quite good. Here’s a look back at some of Meghan Markle’s most glorious pregnant outfits. She rocks the bump so well.

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