Are These Shoes Pink and White or Teal and Gray?

Remember The Dress? The dress was great. In February, 2015, the entire world came together to freak out because some people saw a dress as being black and blue, and other people saw it as white and gold. The entire world was obsessed with something at once, and it was fabulous. Now 2017 has its own version of The Dress: a pair of Vans sneakers that look either pink and white or gray and teal, depending on who is looking at them.

These are the shoes, what do you think?

I think they look pink and white, but under lighting that makes everything look colder. The hand holding the shoe would look like a corpse if it were that color in bright lighting. (If that hand were actually a corpse, this would be a deeply fucked up Internet meme.)

But apparently some people think the shoe is clearly gray and teal.

That’s pretty surprising. But then, I was shocked that anybody could see The Dress as anything but black and blue, too. That’s the reason these Internet eye-trick things are so compelling. They seem absolutely clear to us, and when someone says they see the opposite, it’s just unbelievable.

In this case, it was easier to track down the real solution.

The Vans were easier to track down in real life than the dress was, and the Vans website indicates that there is no gray and turquoise option available. There is a white and gray option, and a pink and white option. That’s the most likely answer to the “what color is this shoe?” debate, but it’s still fascinating that some people could look at that picture and see gray and teal, and others could look at the same exact thing and see this: vans old skool


Actually, those are pretty cute, too. They’re only $60, and now I want a pair.

What color shoes did you see in the picture? Let us know in the comments.

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(Image: Twitter/JuliaCharlotte)

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