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The 7 Stages Of Dealing With Your Low Supply Of Breastmilk

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With every controversy over a celebrity posting a gorgeous picture of herself breastfeeding or a woman getting kicked out of some public place for popping out a boob to feed her kid in public, I am just as outraged as the rest of you. But I’m also overcome with another unexpected emotion: jealousy. Those of us plagued with low milk supply rarely have a chance to take ’em out in public long enough to get weird stares or approving glances.

It’s never really clear why a woman doesn’t get blessed with the ability to feed her child all on her own. It could have been the shock of the C-section, combined with my son’s tongue-tie that caused my milk to come in late and at a trickle. With the help of multiple lactation experts and nonstop effort, I wound up breastfeeding and supplementing with (gasp!) formula. Every new mother goes through a roller coaster of emotions, of course. These are the particular ones you might experience upon finding out your own milk bags are less bountiful than they felt during your whole f-ing pregnancy:

1. Disbelief



You had one job, boobs! Maybe you found out about your low supply during the baby’s early weigh-ins. Maybe you discovered it on your own because she screams just as much after a feeding as she did before. Either way, it’s really hard to wrap your head around the fact that after all your preparation for motherhood, your breasts are failing to hold up their end of the bargain. And this is entirely regardless of their size!

2. Total Inadequacy And Self-Blame



Did you fail to eat 10 servings of leafy greens every day of your pregnancy? Maybe you should stop sleeping altogether and just keep the kid on your breast at all times. That’s what Dr. Sears says to do, anyway, and if you can’t do it, this must be your fault. All those visions of giving your child the healthiest start possible crumble before your eyes as your body flat-out refuses to do what everyone says is the most natural thing in the world. If you’re thinking on those terms, “low supply” quite literally means you are not enough.

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