Mom Buys Daughter A Princess Wand, Is Unhappy With The Image Of A Psychotic Demon Child Inside

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A mom who intended to buy her daughter a sweet, little princess wand at the dollar store was outraged with what her daughter found when she opened it. Mom thought it was a harmless princess wand, but it was actually an instrument of death, destruction and chaos — and probably a symbol that end of days is nigh.

Nicole Allen was shocked when she bought the princess wand and found not glitter or unicorn farts inside it, but an image of a demonic child slicing her arm open with a kitchen knife.


Yup, I can see how that would be disconcerting. This thing will probably haunt my dreams. Is it wrong that I want to run out to my dollar store to see if there are any on the shelves? This is pretty much the best white elephant gift of all time.


The toy is called “Evil Stick,” so at least there’s some truth in advertising. On the top of the package it says, “I can send out wonderful music.” The “music” it’s referring to is a wicked-sounding demon laugh. Okay, I’m really starting to believe this was crafted in Satan’s sweatshop. I’m sure he has one of those, right? Mom says, “I’m outraged. I want to know how they think this is suitable for a child?” I don’t know, mom. Someone should ask the devil himself.


The store owner stands by the toy. He pointed out to WHIO that it is called “Evil Stick.” He says, the mother should have “realized what she was buying.” Hilarious. He says he’ll take them off the shelves if he gets more complaints.

Those of us who read the news that Pepsi is developing a Dorito-flavored Mountain Dew already knew the the end-of-days was upon us — but this is just further proof.

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