MLB Veteran Keith Lockhart’s Son Has 7th Surgery in 14 Days After a Freak Accident Sent Him to the ICU

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The 15-year-old son of former Atlanta Braves player Keith Lockhart was injured in a freak baseball accident last month that resulted in admittance to the ICU and being placed on life support. Lockhart’s son, Jason, has endured seven surgeries in two weeks to repair the damage caused by a misthrown baseball, but things are starting to look up —he has finally been released from the Intensive Care Unit.

Jason’s medical problems began in June. The teen was crossing home plate when he was struck in the face by a ball thrown by the catcher. After being treated for a broken nose, Jason was sent home to recover. But at a follow-up visit with his doctor a few days later, Jason’s nose began to bleed uncontrollably. Doctors discovered there was a tear in his artery, and he underwent surgery to repair the tear and reset his broken nose.

Unfortunately, multiple surgeries to stop the bleeding were unsuccessful.

Doctors took the extreme measure of placing Jason on life support in an attempt to keep the boy completely still and not aggravate the tear site. Said his sister Syndey on Facebook, “He has had a few more bleeds since last night’s procedure, so they are now trying to sedate him to a paralytic level so he won’t cough or move. If the bleeding continues they will have to take him to the operating room once more to try to find the source of the bleeding.”

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Image: Facebook / Sydney Lockhart

Things were going well for Jason, so his doctors moved him out of ICU with the hopes that he would get more rest in a regular room. But the day after he was released, things went south. “While eating breakfast with mom and dad, Jason coughed and some of the pressure went up and through his nose,” Sydney wrote.

He had another setback

“Jason’s nose started to bleed. This was terrifying for him (and mom and dad).” After waiting to see if the bleed would clot on its own, doctors eventually had to take the teen into his seventh surgery. Man. 

In her most recent Facebook update on July 3, Jason’s sister sounded optimistic. “He is out of surgery now and is feeling somewhat comfortable. They were able to find a few areas that were acting up. His doctors felt that those areas combined were causing the recent bleeding instead of one specific location of bleeding. They cauterized and packed those areas.”

Sydney acknowledged that her brother is tired and that the stress of his multiple surgeries is taking a toll on the whole family. But she was also grateful for the support being shown to the Lockhart family. “Thank you so much for loving and supporting us through the hardest time of our lives. We have been so touched by the outpouring of prayers.”

(Image: Twitter / @SydneyLockhart)