Maria Menounos Plans to Have a Baby via IVF After Brain Tumor Scare

Former Access Hollywood and E! News host Maria Menounos has never been shy about her desire to have children. After revealing to People Magazine this week that she recently underwent surgery to remove a golf ball-sized brain tumor, Menounos has reaffirmed her intention, telling People, “I am going to take some time and focus on some passion projects,” including IVF treatment.

Scary symptoms lead to diagnosis

Menounos was diagnosed with her brain tumor in the spring after suffering through headaches and blurred speech. Doctors removed the benign tumor in early June, and luckily she won’t need further treatment. Still, Menounos decided to resign from her job at E! News, partly to focus on herself but also to help care for her mother, who has stage 4 brain cancer.

maria menounos
(Image: Instagram / @mariamenounos)

Menounos and her fiance, Keven Undergaro, have been trying to have a baby for several years. She’s documented her struggles on social media, including her disappointment over negative pregnancy tests. However, she told People she was “lucky” that she wasn’t pregnant when her brain tumor was discovered because, ”When you are pregnant, tumors grow fast.”

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In a recent Instagram post, Menounous thanked her friends, family, and fans for the support, and said she has “never been more excited about life. I see so much so clearly.”

Best of luck, Maria and Keven!

(Image: Instagram / @mariamenounos)

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