Clear Your November Schedule, the Trailer for Netflix’s She-Ra Reboot Just Dropped

My parents had absolutely no boundaries when it came to what we watched on TV as kids. Lethal Weapon at 8 a.m.? Cool. War movies depicting graphic violence? Pop some popcorn and settle in, kiddos. From the time my brother was about 3, his favorite actor was Arnold Schwarzenegger and his favorite movie was Predator. But while we had carte blanche when it came to TV viewing, my absolute favorite show was totally kid-friendly. I grew up on She-Ra, the Princess of Power who was so kick-ass she partly inspired my feminist philosophy. She was the anti-Barbie, and so much cooler and smarter than her meathead brother, He-Man. So it’s about damn time that someone brought her back, and we have Noelle Stevenson and Netflix to thank. The streaming giant is releasing a new reboot called She-Ra and the Princess of Power, and we have your first look.

The new series, She-Ra and the Princess of Power, will follow the same story arch as the original.

Adora has been separated from her family, and sent to live on another planet. She’s adopted by an evil overload, and raised in his army. Adora believes villains are good and princesses are bad, until she’s rescued by her twin brother He-Man and reunites with her family. She discovers she’s a goddamn PRINCESS OF POWER, is given the Sword of Protection, and sets out to lead the Great Rebellion.

As She-Ra, Adora always seemed sort of uncomfortable, like she wasn’t quite sure how to be this badass princess. But she quickly learns how to harness her incredible strength and wield her sword.

She was our He-Man, but also absolutely better than He-Man? She was smart and funny and witty and so strong. Honestly, there was a little girl in the 80’s who didn’t watch the original and think to herself, “Imma grow up and kick so much ass.” I love that Noelle Stevenson and Netflix are bringing her back, so we can introduce a new generation of girls and boys to her brand of shero superpower.

You can watch the teaser trailer for She-Ra and the Princess of Power above. Be honest: you’re stoked, right? The new series hits Netflix on November 16, so get your sword and helmet ready.

(Image: Twitter/@gingerhazing)

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