Twitter Reminds Us That #BlackLivesMatter, Because Our Justice System Doesn’t Seem To Think So

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“I’d like to extend my deepest sympathies to the family…” That’s how county prosecutor, Bob McCulloch started his grand jury decision announcement. He then proceeded to spend the next twenty minutes chastising the media for having an opinion about the death of an unarmed teenager, called the concerns regarding police activity in his community “unfounded but growing,” and reduced the public’s anger as sprouting from “various descriptions of what had happened.” He also mentioned that Darren Wilson would face no charges.

What happened was an unarmed 18-year-old was shot and left to bleed in the street for four hours. The altercation happened because he was stopped for jaywalking. The “public” is furious because once again lethal force was used against a man of color, where it had no place. McCulloch blamed the “24-hour news cycle” and “rumors on social media” for fueling the anger of what he basically called an uniformed public. Then he made some flippant comments about most of the eyewitnesses being liars. He sounded nothing like a prosecutor — he sounded like Darren Wilson’s attorney.

CNN legal expert Jeffrey Toobin called the press conference “an extended whine” and “entirely inappropriate and embarrassing.” So once again, we have to be reminded that #BlackLivesMatter. Because by all indications, our legal system does not believe they do.

That press conference was a joke. Half the people weighing in on Darren Wilson’s “innocence” don’t even seem to know what an indictment is. We just wanted a TRIAL. We wanted Darren Wilson to be subject to due process like every other citizen. And a prosecutor is supposed to – I don’t know — want to prosecute crimes?

People have taken to Twitter in solidarity, protesting the gross miscarriage of justice that unfolded before us last night by tweeting with #BlackLivesMatter:













People who can’t stand something NOT being about them for five minutes have taken to Twitter with the hashtag hijack, #AllLivesMatter. No kidding. Saying #BlackLivesMatter doesn’t take away from anyone else’s humanity. I can’t believe that even needs to be said.

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