Multiple Teams Are Interested In Ray Rice Because The NFL Couldn’t Care Less About Domestic Violence

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Suspended Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice Attends Appeals Hearing In New YorkRay Rice was reinstated to the NFL on Friday, after an indefinite suspension resulting from domestic violence charges brought against him. The problem is, the indefinite suspension didn’t actually result from the domestic violence charges, it resulted from video of Rice punching his then girlfriend Janay Rice in the face being released to the public, and the outrage it caused on social media.

In order to save face and pretend like the NFL actually gave a shit about women, commissioner Roger Goodell claimed that the NFL did not know the extent of the violence that happened in the hotel elevator where Rice punched his girlfriend in the face so hard, he knocked her unconscious. He then dragged her unconscious body out of the elevator. In reality, Rice gave an accurate description of what happened in the elevator, the NFL just expressed no interest in seeing the tape until it was released by the media and the general public saw it. They then claimed to have no knowledge of how bad it was, and Rice’s suspension went from a two game suspension to an indefinite one.

Rice appealed the suspension. From Sports Illustrated:

On Friday, Judge Barbara Jones wrote in her decision of Rice’s appeal that she believes Rice told the truth about what happened in the elevator to commissioner Roger Goodell at a June meeting, making the second suspension “arbitrary.”

ESPN reports that at least four teams are already expressing interest in Rice: “Multiple NFL executives have said the profile of a team willing to sign Rice would be one that is a contender with injuries in its backfield and a strong-minded head coach.” A “strong-minded” head coach. Or one who doesn’t mind coaching a man who beats women.

The NFL is sending a message loud and clear — they couldn’t care less about domestic abuse or the women who suffer. The didn’t care when Rice told his story, because if he did give an accurate account, punching your girlfriend so hard you knock her unconscious is only good for a two-game suspension. They only reacted when the video was released because of the social media PR disaster that followed. Rice is already considered a contender, and the suspension was just lifted on Friday.

So it wasn’t about whether Ray Rice was abusive, it was about whether he was a liar? Punching a woman in the face we can forgive I guess, but not lying about it. So just be sure to be super transparent the next time you decide to punch a woman in the face, NFL players. Then everything will be A-OK.

Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Chris Canty weighed in saying this — quoted in a series of tweets by sports writer Aaron Wilson:

“I’m happy for Ray and his family. Glad that he has an opportunity to get back to doing what he loves. I believe that this also presents an opportunity for the NFL and NFLPA to address the disciplinary process. This process in its current form has failed the players, coaches, NFL employees and, most importantly, our fans.”

“Most importantly” the fans? Hmm. That’s an interesting analysis.

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