10 Insanely Valuable Free Kids Meal Toys That You Probably Regret Throwing Away

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old school kids meal toys

At night…they talk to me…(Photo: Frances Locke)

Growing up I accumulated an embarrassing number of free kids meal toys from fast food joints, most of which I still have because I’m about three dozen dead cats away from being featured on Hoarders. In the back of my closet I have two rather large plastic totes filled to the brim with kids meal toys like the ones above. You might be thinking that I’m ridiculous for holding onto so much useless junk, but you’d be WRONG.

Finally, my near-debilitating inability to throw shit out is gonna pay off because some of those free toys that fast food restaurants used to lure us into their web of trans-fat and heartburn back in the day are now inexplicably valuable on the Internet. After seeing what some of the more zealous collectors are willing to pay, you might actually regret tossing all your greasy childhood memories in the trash.

10. Burger King “The Simpsons” Tree House of Horrors (2011)

simpsons tree house of horros bk toys

Simpsons Tree House of Horror Toy Set ($34.99)

Seeing as this set was only released in 2011, I’m actually kind of surprised at how eager collectors are to get their hands on it, but apparently you can get around $30-$40 for it, if you haven’t thrown them out already like a normal person.

9. Burger King Rugrats Go Wild (2003)

Rugrats Go Wild Toy Set ($59)

What 90’s kid didn’t love the Rugrats? Of course, I wasn’t even aware that they were still on the air in 2003 (they were), let alone popular enough to warrant a feature film and a Burger King toy line, but here we are. This set is currently going for around $60, which is the price of a tank of gas or five boxes of cheap wine. Too bad yours have been sitting in an landfill since 2005.

8. Burger King “The Simpsons” Spooky Light Up Toy Set (2001)’

simpsons spooky light ups toys

Simpsons Spooky Light Up Toy Set ($79.99)

In 2001 I was well beyond the “Eating Kids Meals Myself” stage of life, but not yet onto the “Bribing My Own Kids With Fast Food” stage, so I totally missed this series, but they look cool as hell. What’s even cooler is that the set goes for around $80 nowadays. Not that this does you any good since you probably threw yours away a decade ago.

7. McDonald’s TY Beanie Baby Toy Set (1997)

TY Beanie Baby Toy Set

TY Beanie Babies Set ($369.00)

All 10 mint condition, unwrapped TY Beanie Babies from McDonald’s 1997 promotion go for around $370 on eBay now. Does anyone remember how insane people went over these things? I remember folks getting into physical fights when a new one would be released. So is anyone really surprised to see them going for the same price as a flat screen TV? Beanie Babies are like crazy collector crack, and if you’d kept yours, you’d be rolling in the dough right now.

6. McDonald’s Diener Keshi Lot (1979-1981)

diner keshi toy set

Diener Keshi Toy Set Whole Lot ($399.95)

These toys were a little before my time, and it was my dad who actually suggested them for this post. Apparently these were the bee’s knees back in the late 70’s and early 80’s and he used to let me dangerously gnaw on them when I was a toddler. Nice! If you happen to have a bunch of them around, you can make as much as $400 selling them on eBay. Unfortunately for my dad, he tossed his mine before I even started kindergarten.

5. Wendy’s “The Jetsons Movie” Toy Set (1990)

wendys the jetsons movie toys

The Jetsons Movie Toy Set ($60.00)

Do you remember 1990’s “The Jetsons Movie“? Nope? Me neither, but apparently it exists and collectors are still clamoring for the set of Wendy’s kids meal toys they made to promote it. And I’m guessing they’re pretty rare, because I bet no one kept this shit around.

4. Hardee’s “Peanuts: A Charlie Brown Christmas” Toy Set (2002)

peanuts charlie brown toy set hardees

Peanuts: A Charlie Brown Christmas set ($29.99)

Brand new, in the packaging you can get almost $30 for the four figurines in this set. While you wouldn’t be able to run away to Maui with this cash, you could easily get a nice buzz on with some reasonably priced beer…if you still had yours.

3. McDonald’s Disney 101 Dalmatians Collector Box Set (1996)

disney 101 dalmations set

101 Dalmatians Collectors Set ($99.99)

I am so tempted to buy this set, but I think my husband would have me committed if I brought one more useless thing into the house. So I won’t. The seller is asking around $100, which is the perfect amount of money to buy a nice bottle of wine and some bubble bath with, but you can’t because I’m pretty sure this seller is the only person on Earth who had the patience to actually collect all 101 toys.

2. Burger King’s Star Wars “Complete the Saga” Toys (2005)

star wars toy set BK 2005

Star Wars “Complete the Saga” set ($68.95)

These toys might be the one and only good thing to come out of that poor excuse for a Star Wars trilogy George Lucas unleashed on the world in the early aughts. This seller is asking for around $70, but I think you could get way more because I’m a Star Wars geek and I know how crazy we all are.

1. McDonald’s Furby Happy Meal Toy Set (1999)

furby toy set 1999

Furby Happy Meal Toy Set ($899.99)

Nope, that’s not a typo folks. I’m including this for sheer ridiculousness’ sake. For the oh-so-reasonable price of $900 you can have all 80 Furbies that McDonald’s gave away during this1999 promotion. Considering that there’s 80 of them, and each one comes with the original packaging and two promotional McDonald’s bags, am I crazy to think this isn’t even a bad deal? Yes? Okay then.