5 Cheap Alternatives To Expensive Toys Your Kids Keep Begging For

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While there are tons of Pinterest boards dedicated to making your own baby toys out of twigs you collected during a family hike through the woods and some upcyled, repurposed, vintage, organic, recyclable mason jars, I have no time for such things. I buy my toys from Amazon Prime like any other anti-social person. As a thrifty, nifty mom I loathe spending excess moola on toys that my kids will outgrow quickly, so here’s a handy list of toys you can buy if you’re feeling like Beyonce, and the basic mom model.

1. Nesting Cups $18.99 vs. 6-Piece Measuring Cup Set, $8.99

Both will let your little angel scoop and pour to his heart’s content, but only one will leave you with enough extra cash for a bath bomb for yourself.

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