10-Year-Old Boy Shoots Mom’s Attacker With BB Gun

When children are deemed heroes for saving a parent’s life, it’s usually because they thought to call 911. But 10-year-old Kobe Sturgen took matters into his own hands by shooting his mother’s attacker in the face with a BB gun. And guess what? It worked! Buddy ended up in the hospital with four gunshot wounds to the face.

The attacker, 45-year-old Paul Newman, reportedly rented a room in the home of Sturgen and his mother in Bellingham, Washington. Newman was allegedly drunk when he arrived home early Tuesday morning and got angry because his room was messy, according to police. So he kicked in the door to Sturgen’s mother’s room and tried to strangle her.

The 10-year-old boy heard commotion, ran into the bedroom and screamed and yelled for Newman to stop, then hit him with a board. That stopped the attack but caused Newman to chase after Sturgen instead. Newman eventually ran outside in search of the boy, who he believed had left the house, and that’s when the mother closed and locked the front door with herself and her son safely inside. Or so they thought.

Newman tried to get back into the house through an open window and ended up grabbing the mother through the window as she tried to shut it. So Sturgen grabbed his BB gun and proceeded to shoot Newman four times in the face.

“He kept on hurting my mom, so I went and grabbed my BB gun and I said, ‘Get of my mom. Get off my mom.’ And then I shot him with my BB gun,” Sturgen told KOMO-TV.

The mother and son ran to a neighbor’s house to call 911. Newman has since been charged with assault and making death threats.

Crazy story, no? This is one quick-thinking kid, that’s for sure. I hate to think what could have happened but, thankfully, no one was seriously injured. Sturgen really is a hero with damn good aim.

(Photo: Hemera)

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