Disturbing Documentaries That Will Scar Parents Forever

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The Brit Who Tried to Kill Trump (2018)

Image: Firecracker Films

We hear about radicalism and violence almost everyday, but we can never imagine hearing that one of those radicals/lone wolves is our child. The Brit Who tried to kill Trump is a crime documentary about a British 20-year- old man with Aspergers, Michael Sanford, who came to the U.S. to assassinate Donald Trump at a 2016 campaign rally. Michael believed Trump would be a bad influence on the world, and wanted to kill him before he became President.

The documentary covers his life before he went after Trump as well as his family’s experiences during his imprisonment. His family couldn’t understand why Michael became violent since he had never shown such tendencies in his childhood. His mother does admit that Michael was diagnosed with Aspergers, depression and erratic mood swings, but says that his overall personality was non-aggressive. So they believed Michael had been radicalized.  The documentary brings up the issue of leniency for violent children and adults with mental health issues and ask parents to consider the unsettling notion of what they would do if their child tried to kill someone.

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