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28 Best Kids And Family Shows On Netflix

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best kid's shows on netflix

Images: CBeebies / The Furchester Hotel

We have already reviewed the best kid’s movies and the best TV shows for mothers that are currently on Netflix. So now it’s time to look at some of the best kid’s TV shows on America’s most popular streaming service. As parents, we all know that it is very difficult to choose between TV shows that are good for kids. Many TV shows are marketed towards children but they have content that is inappropriate for young children. Other shows can be addictive for young children without offering any lasting lessons. The shows listed in this article range from toddler to older kids. These shows teach children various lessons, including science, foreign language, problem-solving, reading, and emotional intelligence.

Some of these television shows are throwbacks that you may have grown up with during your childhood (we see you, The Magic School Bus). Others are shows that are based on hit animated movies, such as Boss Baby and Trolls. And some are brand new series that you should give a chance, such as Motown Magic and Cleo and Cuquin. Either way, both you and your children would be able to appreciate these exciting television series. Read on to find out about more TV series on Netflix that you absolutely must watch with your family:

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