Grab The Popcorn: Moms Who Were Publicly Shamed In 2014

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(Our Grab The Popcorn posts look back at the biggest Mommyish stories of 2014. Read them all here.) 

It seems like every year, society finds new ways to publicly shame mothers. And sadly, it seems like every year, the reasons for it get even more ridiculous. This year was no exception as I found myself scrolling my social media feeds with my jaw on the floor as it seemed like every week another mom was being humiliated for a totally nonsensical reason. Without further ado, here is the Mommyish round-up of moms who were publicly shamed in 2014:

1. A mom’s rant for being shamed for her stretch marks is pretty spot-on. A mother of five children dared bare her body in a bikini on a public beach and some shitty kids decided to shame her for it. While I will admit that I was rubbed the wrong way by her “what great and amazing feat has YOUR body done” rhetoric, I can definitely get behind her message. Anyone who wants to wear a bikini at the beach should be able to without feeling ashamed of how they look. Golf claps for this mom for making us all stand up and take notice.

2. The “happiest place on earth” is not down with boobs. Even a teeny bit. Remember this poor mom, just trying to enjoy herself at Disneyland with her family when some old turd of a Disneyland employee decided to shame her for showing “cleavage”? Those quotation marks are very necessary because when you see the picture of her, you will definitely wonder what in the actual fuck the guy was talking about. The shirt she is wearing shows virtually nothing inappropriate and I doubt most people would bat an eye. I am so glad, though- that all the world’s dudebros and guys with hairy backs are allowed to wear a tank top and you KNOW no one will say a peep. It’s the womynz who get all the wonderful wardrobe advice.

3. A mom shamed by a school principal for breast-feeding during the summer lunch program. This school principal took mommy-shaming that extra mile by shaming a woman for daring to feed her child in a public space with her BOOBS HANGING OUT. I am so over this whole thing. I don’t think I have ever seen more than a sliver of boob from a breast-feeding mother. This idea that a woman would nurse in public with her entire shirt off and both boobs dangling free is so freaking ridiculous, I can’t even. Walk by the Victoria’s Secret store and the giant breasts in your face are FAR more than you would ever see on the average nursing mom but that’s acceptable by society’s standards because it pleases the male gaze. Yuck. I hope we can go further with changing that mindset for moms in 2015 because this shit is for the birds.

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