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The Happiest Place On Earth Just Boob-Shamed A Mom For Showing Too Much Cleavage

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Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 6.25.53 AMMelissa Behnken of San Diego was super stoked to take her adorable kids and her husband, who is a US Marine, on their first family vacation ever and they decided to go to Disneyland. I’m sure they were having a wonderful time – that is until some elderly Disneyland worker moseyed on up to Melissa and told her that she needed to cover up a bit. From 10 news:

‘This gentleman out of nowhere comes up to me and just says,”’You need to pull your top up,”’ she told 10News. ‘I was looking at him like, “Excuse me? Are you serious?”’

Behnken said the elderly male park employee was dead serious. She says he added, “‘This is a family park. You are showing too much.'”

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I love Melissa too much. She makes the exact same eye-roll-y face that any of us would make when being told something so preposterous and rude by someone. RUDE HOW RUDE! RUDE!

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Plus, she also adds:

Behnken said, “I guess women with large chests are expected to wear turtlenecks their whole lives.”


If we all feel like playing fashion police, looking at Melissa truly objectively I cannot for the life of me see what she is wearing that is inappropriate. So, she has a nice rack, big whoop. It isn’t like she was wearing a bikini top or some shirt that you see on douchebag dudebrosâ„¢ that reads BOOBIE INSPECTOR or something. Plus, even if she was, would that be any different than the guys we see wandering around the park with their tank tops on and their jeans exposing their ass cracks? Those dudes are never told to COVER UP. They just eat their Dole Whips and go on offending the world with their butt cleavage.

She looks like a beautiful mom in a summer weight sweater over a tank top.What she is wearing is more than appropriate. Melissa said she filed a report with guest relations at the park and then filled out a formal complaint online once they returned home. She did receive a phone call from an employee of Disney guest relations.

According to the Disneyland dress code, guests should not wear:

  • Clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment

I guess if you are some sort of weirdo than Melissa’s top could be seen as breaking this rule, due to the fact she showed what? The tops of her breasts and her neck? It’s so stupid. On a serious note, I would feel so embarrassed if this happened to me, and pissed off. It isn’t like she is some 15-year-old girl who they are trying to protect from all the leering creepiness from old dudes, she is a mom with her husband and her kids trying to enjoy some family fun time. Disneyland body-shamed her, plain and simple. Let’s all go put on turtlenecks and parkas and carry some signs and picket! I’ll gas up the minivan, you guys bring the snacks!
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