Idiotic Flight Attendant Humiliates Toddler And Threatens Mother Because JetBlue Hates Children

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JetBlue doesn’t have the best history when it comes to babies, and their reputation isn’t getting any better with this story. According to CBS Boston, Jennifer Devereaux, a mom of two, was nearly thrown off of a flight after her 3-year-old daughter wet herself. The plane was sitting on the tarmac at JFK airport for a half an hour, when Devereaux’s daughter asked to use the bathroom. This is apparently against FAA regulations while the plane is on the tarmac, which is understandable. But what’s not understandable is how the flight attendant reacted to the situation. According to Devereaux, the attendant snapped at her and ordered her to sit down. Eventually the child could not longer hold it and relieved herself in her seat, at which point Devereaux tried to help the child clean up the mess, which pissed the attendant off even more. Eventually Devereaux and the attendant had some words, and the incident was reported to the pilot:

“And I said, “Please give me a break. My daughter had an accident because you wouldn’t let me take her to the bathroom. After I clean it up I will sit down.” She turned around and reported it to the pilot.”

So this must be where the rational pilot pops in and makes things right…NOPE. The pilot turned the plane around like this was some National Lampoon’s Vacation shit, going as par as to come on the PA system and humiliate the little girl and her mom. From The Daily Mail:

“As the plane was turned around and returned to the gate, the captain’s voice then came on the PA system announcing that there is a non-compliant passenger who will be removed by security guards.”

It’s important to note that Jennifer hadn’t caused a huge scene or anything. She was simply trying to quickly clean up her daughter’s mess and reduce her embarrassment. At this point, Devereaux was getting scared, according to CBS Boston, and worried she would be arrested, leaving her two young children alone. Fortunately an off-duty pilot who isn’t bat shit insane was sitting in front of her, and was able to convince the on-duty pilot to calm his ass down and let her stay.

When Jennifer finally made it home, she took to Twitter to express her outrage:

Jet Blue flight child wets herself


JetBlue tweeted back with a limp apology and eventually offered her a $50 gift certificate. Because when your child is humiliated by an airline, your immediate reaction if to use that airline again. NOT.

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