This Son Paid Off His Parents’ Mortgage For Christmas And Their Reaction Will Make You Lose It

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Just because it’s December 27th doesn’t mean the Christmas cheer has disappeared for another 363 days! I mean, how can you not feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you look at Twitter photos of all the kids who got guns for Christmas? So sweet. But you know what’s even better than watching the eventual destruction of society unfold ‘neath the douglas fir? Watching this video of Joe Riquelme, an app developer, present his parents with no more mortgage payments ever, because he paid it off for them.

WARNING: watching this video will definitely result in a speck of dust nestling itself directly in your eye holes, so if you need to wipe it away it’s okay. No judgement.


According to Joe’s Facebook page, the envelope contained documents from Bank of America accompanied by a handwritten note that reads: ‘Your house is paid off. Merry Xmas. – Joe.’ I know, I know. It’s way too early to be chopping onions like this. But I couldn’t help it; I had to share. Is it just me, or do crying dads have a serious effect on you too? Whew, that was rough. And by “rough”, I mean so awesome I need a tissue. Or three.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off somewhere simmering in inadequacy and regretting the Joe’s Crab Shack gift card I gave my parents for Christmas.