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22 Uncommon Japanese Baby Names

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Japan is a country full of beauty and wonder, not to mention fascinating history. And the names! Unlike a number of modern countries, Japanese parents have stuck primarily to distinctly Japanese babies for their offspring. While there are no doubt Olivias and Jacksons to be found there, you’re far more likely to come across little ones named Ren, Sakura, or Haruto. These traditional names are part of the flavor of Japanese culture.

Meanwhile, these traditional (and more modern) Japanese names are far less common in other parts of the world. And while there are definite favorites within Japan, there are plenty of outliers there, as in any country. Some Japanese parents, like their American counterparts, seek out unique and unusual names. While Japan doesn’t maintain a countrywide registry of names that new parents can consult for popularity questions (like the Social Security Administration does in the United States, we’ve done our best to seek out some names that are off the beaten path, as it were. Perhaps some of these names can find life in America instead!

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