10 Popular Diets From Keto To Intermittent Fasting, Explained

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Dieting. It seems that, if you’re on the weight loss train or just keeping an eye on it with boarding pass in hand, there’s always something new on the scene. Gluten. Sugar. Carbs. Trans fat. We’ve been told at separate times that each of these is the reason our society keeps gaining weight and struggling to lose it. If you made a New Year’s resolution to either eat healthier or lose weight, this may be the time of year you’re just about done trying. After all, sticking to any diet can be a real challenge.

However, there are some scientifically backed ways to shed the pounds. Not all diets are crash fads (although those certainly do exist). Below, we’ll take a brief look at what diets have gotten attention, which have garnered results, and which may be best for your lifestyle. Remember, choosing an eating plan that gels well with your regular, daily life often engenders the best results. Starvation diets are impossible to maintain and impact your metabolism negatively. Diets that rule out your favorite foods make it very hard to resist temptation. The magic of a good diet and exercise plan is having your cake, eating it too, and knowing how to easily get back on track.

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