18 Best Nursing Bras, Ranked

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Image: iStock / golubovy

It’s no secret- those first days (weeks, if you’re unlucky) of breast feeding can be rough. One nurse told me it can be painful up until your nipples form callouses. That’s right, people. Nipple callouses are something mamas look forward to. That’s how hardcore breastfeeding is. It’s pretty much a super power. A woman first brings a new life into the world, then without pause, nurtures that new life from her sore boobs at all times of day and night. Mamas don’t hear this enough: you’re amazing. Your body is amazing. If ever you start to doubt that, think of all the ways you and your body have adapted to facilitate the needs of your family.

You also need some amazing gear to help you through the breastfeeding stage. While there’s a ton of stuff out there meant to support moms while they are milk-makers, this list is specifically about the nursing bras that can make feeding time (or pumping) a little easier. We’ll tell you all about front close bras, ones that offer support for when and if you’re back to work, and ones that’ll keep you comfortable while not breaking the bank. The options are pretty much endless, and we’re here to help you narrow down the field.

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