These 16 Internet Fails Are Still The Best Part Of The Internet

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In the year 2018, you’d think that people would be experts at the internet. It’s where everything happens: social media, banking, correspondence. If you have the wherewithal to, say, create a Facebook account, logic dictates you’d understand how to actually use it. Right? Turns out: WRONG. Internet fails still happen at an alarming rate. Not great news for people who use the internet. But excellent news for those of us who enjoy laughing at them. Please to enjoy some of our favorite internet fails, from people who just can’t figure it out.

The thing about internet fails is that they are failures at the most basic level of internet use. They’re hilariously bad, from people posting accidental nudes to using Facebook as some kind of family chat. A lot of these internet fails seem to come from people of a, um, certain generation. Older people can’t seem to wrap their brains around how to internet, bless their hearts. Those ones are funny, but forgivable! But it’s the internet fails from young people that really kill us. Presumably, they couldn’t get through high school or college without being able to use the internet. Assuming some of these people actually WENT to high school and college. These fails are just that bad.

That’s…not how this works!

internet fails

Image: Facebook/Hudson Marr

Jane, honey, George Takei is awesome but he doesn’t control your feed. See, how it works is, you like a page, and that “like” puts that page’s posts into your Facebook feed! Get it? No? OK, let’s try it this way. It’s like when you go shopping and sign up to receive emails, and then those emails show up in your inbox! That makes sense, right? You look confused. Hmmmm, OK. How about this? You know how when you’re getting the mail and you say hi to your neighbor, and then they say hi back and maybe say hi each time they see you? It’s like that.

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