Twitter Drags Journalist Who Tried to Shame an 8-Year-Old Drag Queen

We all know that memes are one of the hottest things on the internet right now. But, if a meme is terrible, it’s memorable for a whole new reason. Just ask right wing “journalist,” aka a conservative blogger, Ian Miles Cheong. So, Cheong, a writer for the far right website The Daily Caller (who’s ever even heard of that?) decided that he was going to get into the meme game, and he made a meme mocking a young Canadian boy who goes by the drag name Lactatia. In the meme, Cheong essentially tried to blame the little boy for who knows what.

Needless to say, Twitter wasn’t having it, and they sufficiently dragged the conservative blogger, and rightfully so.

Since the tweet wasn’t just transphobic, but wildly inaccurate, it didn’t take long before someone called him out. “We went to space in 1961 you fucking dolt.” read one tweet. As soon as that tweet hit, people all began to chime in, reading Cheong for the filth as he deserved. Because anyone who has watched the movie Apollo 13 knows that most of the space race happened during the 1960s. People also didn’t care for the fact that he dragged an innocent little kid into his totally off-base logic.

Firstly, a little boy in 2017 who happily chooses to dress in drag has nothing to do with the Untied States Space Race 40 something years ago.

The little drag queen at the center of this whole ridiculous mess is Nemis Quinn Melançon Golden, an 8-year-old from Montreal, Quebec. He loves to skateboard and dress as Lactatia. He has been featured by The Advocate and he’s absolutely adorable.

Because Cheong works for a right wing website, it’s unfortunately not surprising that this is his line of thinking.

But wait, it gets better. After Twitter users continued to drag him, Cheong tried to backpedal on his original tweet. He tried to mansplain his original tweet (if the tweets still exist, I can’t find them in the offensive mess that is his profile. But you know it is serious if a writer for Buzzfeed picks up the story and tweets about it.

Way to go, Twitter — for always standing up for what’s right.

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(Image: Twitter / @ELLEMagazine)

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