Reddit Nanny Gets Aggressively Adorable Apology Letter From Kids, Including “F This Sh*T” Sentiment


I have a great admiration for nannies and daycare workers. While I love my kids to death, I don’t love all kids, and I am sure that I could not do what they do. On top of having to deal with boisterous kids all day, nannies and babysitters face common dilemmas time and again: When the kids act up, how much should you tell the parents?

This obviously caring nanny posed her dilemma to Reddit, asking for advice on whether or not to tell the parents about this clearly unapologetic apology letter she received from the kids in her care:

“Hi parents! I’m a nanny for a family with two girls (4 and 8). They’re wonderful on their good days, but lately have been acting up. 

Last week, the older girl told their mother that the younger one had shouted at me and told me that she hated me, which their mother responded to by having the younger one send me an apology letter. The letter included some pictures, and I thought it was a lovely gesture, but I flipped it over to find this (a page with some decorative dots and the words “WHAT THE HELL!” and “Foc Shit Hell” underneath two crosses). 

I’ve never heard the girls swear, or seen them do anything like this before – I assume that the older girl wrote these, but I’m at a loss as to why, and I’m more concerned than upset. I plan on telling the mother that I appreciate the gesture – should I tell her about the extra writing?”


I suppose this is a matter that must technically be taken seriously, but I think it is absolutely hilarious. I also don’t think writing a curse word is abnormal behavior for a young kid who may have heard it spoken by adults before. Case in point: I remember reading my six-year-old sister’s diary when I was a kid (without her knowledge, of course), where she wrote, “I am a bitch. You are a bitch. She is a bitch.” She was very good at verb conjugation at a young age.

At face value, these kids don’t seem like sociopaths. They just seem like normal kids who aren’t very good at offering a sincere apology AT ALL. As a parent, I always want to know what my kids are doing, even if it includes writing curse words on the back of an apology note.

In this circumstance, I would hope that the nanny would tell the parents the entire story. If I was the parent in that situation, I would laugh and save the adorably insincere note for a future chuckle with my adult kids.

(Image: Christin Gasner/Shutterstock)

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