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Mom Shares Photo of Her Postpartum Belly After Having 3 Babies in 11 Months

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That dang postpartum belly is NO JOKE. Most women walk around looking 4 months pregnant for weeks after having a baby. The pouch, the stretch marks, the sagging skin: our bodies need time to readjust after pregnancy. One mom is proudly showing off her postpartum belly after having three babies in under a year. YES, THREE BABIES. Go on with your bad (and probably exhausted) self, mom!

Eliza Curby of Sydney, Australia had a baby girl in early 2016 named Charlie. She put a bit too much trust in the “you can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding” myth, and wouldn’t you know, found herself pregnant. WITH TWINS!

Very important PSA: You absolutely can get pregnant while breastfeeding!

And that is how Eliza ended up with three babies in 11 months. Honestly, just typing that sentence gives me the cold sweats. The identical twin boys, Wolfe and Jack, arrived on Christmas Eve 2016. Says Eliza, “I do feel like I have triplets – Irish triplets!” She started a blog, Twingenuity, to document their incredibly full and hectic lives. Last week, she opened up about her body and postpartum belly in a very raw and beautiful Instagram post.


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