Disturbing Documentaries That Will Scar Parents Forever

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Abducted in Plain Sight (2019)

Image: Cosmopolitan

Image: Netflix

Another astonishing Netflix documentary (Netflix has been super-busy recently) is Abducted in Plain Sight. This documentary tells the twisted, real-life story of a young girl, Jan Broberg (now 56) was abducted by a family friend, Robert Berchtold, who sexually abused her for years.  What makes this story even more horrific is that her parents, Mary Ann and Bob Broberg, gave their permission for their daughter to be taken and abused.  They also were sexually involved with Berchtold as well. So the predator managed to brain-wash the whole family! Surprisingly, Jan was able to forgive her parents and she even stars in the documentary.  But it begs to question… As a parent, how can someone BE OK with their child being hurt… let alone give their permission?  Just sick.

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