17 Cheap Pregnancy Products That Are Total Game-Changers

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Being pregnant is amazing most of the time. So many exciting things are happening to you and your body, which is pretty awesome. But it’s also kind of overwhelming and can be mind boggling. With all the changes happening to your body, you don’t always want to spend a lot on certain things. Cheap pregnancy products are a godsend because they offer us what we need without having to break the bank. And when you think about how much money you’re going to spend on having a baby, you’re going to be trying to find cheap pregnancy products wherever you can.

Finding amazing products to help you through your pregnancy is paramount. Whether they be comfortable shoes or a bra that gives your girls room to breathe, you need them. Cheap pregnancy products, especially ones like this — ones that will get a lot of use throughout the pregnancy, are life changing. Once you have them, you don’t know how you ever managed to live without them. And when you think about the fact that you didn’t spend much money on them, you almost appreciate them more. These 16 cheap pregnancy products (and one not cheap pregnancy product) will be total game changers for any pregnant woman.

Bio Oil

Image: Target

Throughout our entire pregnancies, our body is stretching to accommodate the little thing growing inside our bellies. And if our insides are stretching, that means our skin is stretching too. Pregnancy stretch marks aren’t exclusive to the belly, they can pop up literally anywhere. Obviously, the area around the belly is the most prominent, but they’ll pop up on your hips, your butt, and your boobs. This means that if we want to alleviate the appearance of said stretch marks, we must be proactive and treat them before they appear. Enter Bio-Oil, a body oil that comes with high recommendations. If you start using it early in your pregnancy, you will reduce the amount of stretch marks you have and have smooth, touchable, skin.

Get the 2 oz. Bio Oil from Target for $9

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