17 Cheap Pregnancy Products That Are Total Game-Changers

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Being pregnant is amazing most of the time. So many exciting things are happening to you and your body, which is pretty awesome. But it’s also kind of overwhelming and can be mind boggling. With all the changes happening to your body, you don’t always want to spend a lot on certain things. Cheap pregnancy products are a godsend because they offer us what we need without having to break the bank. And when you think about how much money you’re going to spend on having a baby, you’re going to be trying to find cheap pregnancy products wherever you can.

Finding amazing products to help you through your pregnancy is paramount. Whether they be comfortable shoes or a bra that gives your girls room to breathe, you need them. Cheap pregnancy products, especially ones like this ”” ones that will get a lot of use throughout the pregnancy, are life changing. Once you have them, you don’t know how you ever managed to live without them. And when you think about the fact that you didn’t spend much money on them, you almost appreciate them more. These 16 cheap pregnancy products (and one not cheap pregnancy product) will be total game changers for any pregnant woman.

Bio Oil

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Throughout our entire pregnancies, our body is stretching to accommodate the little thing growing inside our bellies. And if our insides are stretching, that means our skin is stretching too. Pregnancy stretch marks aren’t exclusive to the belly, they can pop up literally anywhere. Obviously, the area around the belly is the most prominent, but they’ll pop up on your hips, your butt, and your boobs. This means that if we want to alleviate the appearance of said stretch marks, we must be proactive and treat them before they appear. Enter Bio-Oil, a body oil that comes with high recommendations. If you start using it early in your pregnancy, you will reduce the amount of stretch marks you have and have smooth, touchable, skin.

Get the 2 oz. Bio Oil from Target for $9

Heating Pad

Image: Uncommon Goods

Pregnancy is full of aches and pains. That’s just how things are as your body grows and stretches. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s any less painful. While it’s hard to find relief a lot of the time, especially if you don’t want to take over the counter pain relievers often, there are options. A heating pad is always a good way to alleviate pain, especially when it’s in specific places like joints or your lower pack. If you’re scared to use an electric heating pad, there are heating pads that you can microwave. It’s even filled with lavender, which means in addition to soothing your aches, it’ll soothe your mood too!

Try this one from Uncommon Goods $35


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Heartburn is a bitch. And sadly, it’s all too common during pregnancy. For some, it’s a chronic problem throughout pregnancy with only short bouts of relief. Which totally sucks. There is an old wives’ tale that heartburn means your baby will be born with a full head of hair. While that may be total b.s. the feeling that your insides are on fire is definitely not. Antacids are a great way to try and alleviate the hell that comes from having heartburn. Many will admit to popping them like they’re M&Ms ”” very bland M&Ms that definitely don’t melt in your mouth or your hands.

Get the Tums 160 ct. from Target for $8

Sea Bands

Image: Target

Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows that nausea is just a sad part of reality. Even though we just kind of accept that it is bound to happen throughout pregnancy, that doesn’t make it any less easy to deal with. Everyone deals with nausea differently depending on what the cause of it is. Sea Bands are a magic pregnancy product. These elastic wristbands use a plastic disc sewn in that uses acupressure to help alleviate nausea. As a result, there is no medication to take. And you can just slip them on and go about your business. Plus, if you wash them by hand, you can use them over and over!

Get them from Target for $11

Slip on Shoes

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No matter the time of year, it is almost a guarantee that your feet will swell up. Most of the time it’s only temporary, but that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable. Even if your feet aren’t swollen, after a while, you just want to wear comfortable shoes. Just as the rest of your body is expanding, your feet aren’t immune to the same treatment. As they spread (or even go up a size!) you just want shoes that don’t squeeze or pinch your already achy feet. Even better if they don’t have laces or straps. Slip on shoes are a godsend as your belly grows and you can’t see your feet, let alone bend over to put shoes on.

Get this slip on shoe from Target for $20

Belly Band

Image: Ingrid & Isabel

With your body growing constantly, it can be a total pain in the ass to have to buy new clothes to accommodate it. Maternity clothes can be super cute, but a lot of the time, they’re also really expensive. Especially pants. If your belly is the only thing growing rapidly and you’re not ready to give up your favorite pair of non-elastic waist pants, then investing in a belly band is probably your best bet. It’s essentially a giant piece of elastic fabric that you put over your unbuttoned pants that adapts as your belly gets bigger (or even wear it postpartum.) This way, you can still wear your favorite jeans throughout your pregnancy!

Get the Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband Basic for $18

A Good Water Bottle

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Drinking water is super important while you’re pregnant. It’s important no matter what, but it’s super important when you’re pregnant. If you’re going to have to drink a lot of water, you want to have a good water bottle. The S’ip by S’well is a double walled aluminum bottle and it’s amazing. Since it’s double walled, it keeps your water nice and cold (because who wants to drink room temperature water) up to 24 hours. This means that you can leave it out where you won’t forget to drink it throughout the day. You can also put hot drinks in it, they will stay hot up to 12 hours. Plus, they come in different designs/sizes.

Try the 23 oz. S’ip by S’well from Target for $25

Prenatal Vitamins

Image: Vitamin Shoppe

We have to take prenatal vitamins to ensure that our bodies are working as best as they can be while we’re pregnant. It also ensures that the baby is getting all the nutrients they need. But if you’ve ever bought vitamins, they can be surprisingly expensive. You can definitely ask your doctor for a prescription, but if you just want to run into a store and pick some up, that’s easy too. These prenatal vitamins are gummies, which means they’re not a total pain to take, unlike many prenatals that are like horse pills. And because they’re gummies, not only do they taste great, they’re not super expensive. You’ll definitely never forget to take them!

These vitaFusion gummies are only $13

Maternity Leggings

Image: Old Navy

When you get to the point where you just can’t wear “regular” pants anymore (which happens at a different point for everyone) it’s time to switch to leggings. Leggings are far more forgiving than jeans or other types of pants. They also can make you feel like you’re still put together in a way that pajama bottoms and sweatpants don’t. It’s the superpower of leggings. Even though you can get yoga top leggings from just about anywhere now (they are far more accommodating of a growing belly than a regular elastic waist,) maternity leggings are designed specifically to allow for a growing bump. Instead of a yoga top, there’s a stretchy panel that will cradle your belly so you don’t feel all jiggly.

Get these maternity leggings from Old Navy for $17

Maternity Underwear

Image: Amazon

You wouldn’t think that you’d need special underwear when you’re pregnant, and maybe you don’t ”” but having the option is nice. When your bump is hitting peak roundness, it might be hard to find comfortable undies that don’t dig in and still fit right. In that moment, you’d probably wish you had special underwear that makes allowances for your bump. These undies also offer full coverage, so you don’t have to worry about things riding up or having a wedgie that aggravates your hemorrhoids. They also feature wider cut legs so that you don’t have any uncomfortable digging in your crotch or thighs.

Get these maternity underwear from Amazon for $15

A Bralette

Image: Motherhood Maternity

Bras are uncomfortable when we’re not pregnant, am I right? But when your girls are expanding and sore as hell, the last thing you want to do is shove them in an underwire bra. In an ideal world, going braless would be the only solution, but then again, letting them hang actually sounds more painful than the underwire. So, if we must wear a bra, there’s only one solution: the bralette. It looks more like a sports bra, but it’s not nearly as restrictive. It keeps the girls in place, but it’s soft enough to never want to take off. And the best thing is, it has the clips to turn it into a nursing bra if you choose to breastfeed.

Snag this sweet bralette from Motherhood Maternity for $20

Morning sickness bags

Image: Morning Chicness Bags

For most pregnant women, morning (or afternoon, or evening, or anytime really) sickness is definitely a thing. It’s one of the few inevitabilities of pregnancy. And unless you have really debilitating morning sickness, you have to keep living life. But what happens when you’re out and about and you suddenly feel like you’re going to lose your lunch and there’s nowhere to do it? That’s when you need a morning sickness bag. Sure, it sounds like a ridiculous idea, but if you’re riding in the back of an Uber, you’re gonna wish you had one of these in your bag, even if only for emergencies.

Get a pack of 20 of these from Morning Chicness Bags for $14

Razor Extender

Image: Amazon

Shaving your legs is still a priority for some pregnant folks. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, there will come a point when it’s damn near impossible to do. That point usually comes a lot sooner than we’re expecting. Contorting our bodies to get to those hard to reach spots becomes the ultimate challenge. If you want to keep shaving your legs, but don’t want to have to sit in a chair to do so, you’ll love this. The coolest thing is that you can attach any razor to it, so you can keep using your favorite razor all the way up until the end if that’s how you roll.

Get one from Amazon for $20

Perineal Massage Oil

Image: Amazon

Hear me out about this one. It sounds like a batshit crazy thing to suggest, but it’s totally a game changer. Your perineum, which goes from the back of the vagina and vulva all the way to your rectum, is super important during delivery. This is the area that suffers the trauma of tearing or an episiotomy. So, if you can prepare it before labor, there’s always a better chance that you will not tear or need to be cut. And if you can avoid that (the healing can be awful) wouldn’t you want to? Towards the last month of so of your pregnancy, massaging your perineum daily could help you avoid a world of literal hurt. You don’t want stitches in your vagina ”” seriously.

Grab this oil from Amazon for $14

Epsom Salt Soak

Image: Target

Growing a baby in your body is exhausting. You sometimes don’t realize how much you’re putting your body through. So, when you’re feeling tired and achy, you owe it to your body to listen. Taking a bath may become increasingly harder as you grow (and if you’re tall, it’s likely already a challenge) but they can be beneficial. Adding epsom salt to your bath is a great way to soothe achy muscles and bones and remove inflammation. If your feet are frequently swelling and there’s no medical reasons, adding some epsom salt to a foot bath will feel amazing and help reduce the swelling. Plus, it’s a great way to grab a few minutes of peace.

Get this sooth epsom salt soak with lavender from Target for $5

Face Cleanser

Image: La Roche Posay

Pregnancy does a number on our faces. With our hormones doing all sorts of wacky shit, more often than not, it shows up where everyone can see it. For some of us that means acne, which is even less fun at 30 than it was in high school. For some, it just means that our skin has become totally unpredictable. But we have to be gentle on our pregnancy skin because much like every other part of our pregnancy body, it can flare up and punish us for no real reason. So, when picking out a skin cleanser, we don’t want just use whatever’s laying around. A good quality hydrating cleanser will be cheaper in the long run.

Try this hydrating cleanser from La Roche Posay for $15


Image: Leachco

Okay, this one isn’t a cheap pregnancy product by any means, but it’s one of the best pregnancy pillows you’re going to find, so sometimes we just have to spend a little extra for quality. The Snoogle is a full body pillow that follows the shape of your body from head to toe. It was designed by a registered nurse so you know it’s going to be the most ergonomically comfortable thing you will find out there. It’s also adaptable, so as your body grows, you can arrange it in ways that will give you the most support, whether that be between your knees, around your belly, or all the way down at your ankles.

Get your own Snoogle for $66

What is your must-have pregnancy product? Let us know in the comments!

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