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Mother of Quadruplets Posts a Photo of Her Stretchmarks and Is Attacked by Vile Trolls

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It’s no secret that pregnancy does a real number on your body. Things shift, grow, grow some more, get way bigger than you thought humanly possible, then get even bigger. And then the baby comes! And after that, you’re left with a MUCH different body than you started with. And that’s OK! Your body did an amazing thing, so give it the kudos it deserves. Those stretchmarks? Battle scars. Tiger stripes. POWER LINES. But not everyone sees them as a badge of honor. A young Malaysian mother of quadruplets shared a photo of her stretchmarks on her Facebook page, and she experienced what no mother ever should. She was shamed and attacked by vile trolls over her belly. Quadruplets, people! This woman deserves a medal, not this!

Doreen Ching posted a picture of the stretchmarks she got after carrying four babies at one time.

I honestly cannot even fathom that! According to The Sun, she had 3 boys and one girl, now aged two, named Jensen, Jayden, Jasper and Jazreel.

As you can imagine, her belly stretched out A LOT to accommodate four little babies. Doreen shared the photo because she says she’s finally accepted that her body won’t ever go back to the way it was before her pregnancy. The act of self-acceptance was her way of saying, “This is who I am now!” And she got plenty of support in the comments.

Doreen says men and women called her brave and beautiful for sharing the personal photo. But there were also other comments that were less than supportive.

The young mom says people told her she looked ugly and disgusting, and that the picture made them want to vomit. Even worse, someone told her the stretchmarks were “her own fault” for having so many children. I swear to god, what is WRONG with people?! Doreen says the vile comments left her shaken.

壬辰纹以上很多人都误会 但我要澄清一点 那是我的肋骨 生完孩子肚皮松弛 所以很容易看到肋骨 角度问题

Posted by Doreen Ching on Thursday, March 15, 2018


But she had a great reaction to it all. In a follow-up post, she said, “Please respect the women of this world, such as your mother and your wife, who manage childbirth and still work.” She also posted a picture of herself in a bikini with the caption, “My stomach doesn’t matter. I can still wear a bikini at home. I can only be as perfect as I can be.” That’s the spirit, Doreen!

I personally think she looks gorgeous, and that tummy is just a testament to the amazing thing she did with her body. And anyone who has the nerve to say that to a mother can take a long walk off a short pier.

(Image: Facebook / Doreen Ching)