18 Annoying Experiences That All Working Moms Can Understand

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There are certain things that only certain types of moms will understand. For instance, stay-at-home-moms have a unique grasp on what it’s like to spend every waking hour with your kids. Work-from-home moms get what it’s like to try to have a conference call when the toddler is melting down over their snack. And working moms get that it can feel like you’re living two different lives and struggling with both of them. Moms of all kinds can relate to each other in a lot of ways. But some experiences are unique to their particular lifestyle and responsibilities.

Working moms deal with so much on a daily basis. They are mom all of the time, but then part of the time, they have to split themselves in two in order to perform at their jobs. Just because you leave the house to go to work, doesn’t mean you stop being mom in those hours, you know? We balance our jobs (which are vital to being able to support our families and fulfill our dreams) and our motherhood, with varying degrees of success. We live on a tight rope, and one small misstep can spell disaster. So it’s no wonder than some experiences that others would find mundane or acceptable annoy working moms to no end! If you’re a working mom, you’ll read some of these and nod to yourself.

Working moms understand that a day off from school that isn’t a holiday is a huge inconvenience.

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In-service days, winter and spring breaks, even minimum days – these are all major kinks in a working mom’s best-laid plans. No school means you have to find somewhere for your kids to go, or someone to watch them. It’s fine when it’s a holiday and you’re off work too. But when you have to work and your kids can’t go to school, it can be a hassle and a major expense. Babysitters aren’t cheap! It’s always a little depressing when you get that school calendar at the beginning of the year and see all the days you’re going to have to cover with childcare.

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