Real Or Fake: Sanctimommy Arguments For Ruining Halloween

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jackolanternsSanctimommies pop up year round but Halloween is very special time of year  for those looking to wag some parenting fingers. As you’re scrambling to put together this year’s Halloween costume and organize a tick or treating route, you better believe there will be Facebook statuses and online comments about how “evil” Halloween is and how that Halloween candy consumption needs to be put into check. Whether it’s a concern about cavities, “tripping hazards,” or Satanic Worship, you’ll be truly spooked.

But to continue our new favorite Mommyish game, we’ll be pairing authentic comments, message board postings, and social media statuses with ones we just made up.

1. Christian Nation

Halloween glorifies witches and warlocks and as a christian nation, we shouldn’t celebrate it

Real or fake?

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