20 Totally Satisfying Experiences That Only Working Moms Will Understand

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Murphy Brown

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Listen, it’s hard out there for a working mom. Trying to balance being a model employee and a good mom is like trying to balance an elephant on a toothpick. There are many balls in the air at all times, it’s like the sky is made of balls. We go to work, try our best to be model employees, then log off or come home and try to be model moms. Needless to say, lots of us fail at this … so much. We’re not perfect, and trying to be everything to everyone takes its toll! We feel like you can be a really good mom, or a really good employee, but being both is so hard. It’s demoralizing to always feel like you’re letting someone down, you know? So working moms have to look for joy in the little things. We have to get our kicks somewhere and somehow, right?

When you’re a working mom, some experiences are just a little more satisfying. Whether it’s finding out the meeting that would have kept you late is cancelled or learning that your kid’s school doesn’t give homework, these little things can feel like we won the lottery. Working moms will take any break we can catch. And we will take any bit of relief we can manage! If you’re a working mom, you can probably relate to this entire list. If you know a working mom, give her a hug and a hand. She totally needs both.

Working moms love when bad weather gives them a work from home day.

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Not because we enjoy being snowed in, mind you. But because it means that we get a day off from the drop-offs and pick-ups and arranging childcare and rushing home after work to make dinner. It means we get to skip the suit and heels and work in our pajamas for a day. It’s a day off from office small talk, eating lunch at our desk, and trying to get everything done so we get out the door on time and we’re not late picking up the kids … again. Sure, getting a work from home day because of the weather usually means our kids will be home too. But it still feels like a day off!

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