12 Ways To Congratulate Parents On Their Funny Looking Newborn Baby


We’re all friends, right? I ask that because I think we can all gather round in a little circle, and you can pretend like I have the comforting voice of Mr. Rogers as I tell you that all newborn babies are ugly for their first month of life.

Before you get angry and smash out a rage comment, let’s take a moment to reflect on this. Everyone loves newborn babies, but you can’t escape the fact that they look like squishy little aliens. I remember when my first son popped out, I was more than surprised that an actual human came out of my body. I was instantly in love with him, as every mom will tell you, but I could also objectively acknowledge that he looked a little”¦ Strange? Waterlogged? You get the picture.

But of course, we all need to celebrate our newborn. Every time that a new parent posts 100 pictures of their new little alien on Facebook, it makes me feel happy inside. Yet before I was a parent, I had no clue why they were showing off a baby that looked just as strange as the next one. Now I get it.

All of our babies are strange for about a month or so, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s our job as parents and friends of parents to congratulate and encourage new parents of alien babies by telling them how cute their weird-looking newborn is. It’s the circle of life.

Giving congratulations on a weirdo newborn is something you’ll have to practice in advance. Here are 12 creative ways to dance around the baby elephant in the room:

1. She’s BREATHTAKING (Thank You, Seinfeld!).
2. (Insert Big Smile With Lots Of Enthusiastic Nodding.)
3. Who Do You Think He Looks Like?

4. Can I Hold Him?

5. Such Tiny FINGERS!


7. So Much Hair!

8. What A BABY!! (Insert Gobbledygook Baby Talk.)

9. Awwwwww.

10. She Seems So HAPPY.

11. I Can’t Believe You Just Gave Birth, You Look AMAZING.

12. Keep Your Distance And Use The Facebook Like Button To Show Support.

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