Vegan Mom Refused To Take Her Dehydrated Newborn To The Hospital Over Meat Fears

Vegan Mom Charged With NeglectI have no issues with vegetarians and vegans because all of the ones I know are normal, sane people who don’t put their infant’s health at risk because they are too busy being caught up in their special snowflake beliefs. This isn’t the case with¬†Sarah Anne Markham from Casselberry, Florida (Florida!) who was charged with child neglect Tuesday night.

According to, Markham was told by doctors that her baby needed¬†to be admitted to Florida Hospital South for treatment because the child was dehydrated and was losing weight. I can relate to this story because after a really bad bout of the flu, my doctor said my daughter, who was three at the time, had to be admitted to the hospital because she was dehydrated. I did what normal people do, and drove in a panic to my hospital and had my kid admitted right away. It was so scary! I understand kids can get dehydrated very easily but at the time it was terrifying. But Markham wasn’t too worried because according to police, she just took her baby home.

When police arrived at her residence she refused to unlock the door so they had to use a locksmith in order to get inside the home and interview her. At this point we can all probably agree that Markham is a bad vegan and a pretty shitty parent:

Police said Markham told them that she wanted to pursue a religious-based treatment and did not believe that her baby was dehydrated because the child was having bowel movements.

Markham said she had contacted a “natural” or “vegan” doctor but was unable to provide any information about him, other than a name.

Markham said she did not give the formula/medicine that the doctor provided because she did not agree with the ingredients, which she said came from animals, the police report stated.

Markham said she purchased organic soy formula, and when asked if she confirmed with a doctor if it was safe for a newborn, she said that if Whole Foods Market sells it then the formula doesn’t contain any animal parts and, therefore, must be safe, according to police.


Oh FFS lady, shut up and do what your doctor says! But then, of course, the story gets worse because when the cops told her to haul ass to the hospital she said she would, and then refused to leave the home until they arrested her an hour later. According to police when they told her that she would be unable to see her infant until a court hearing, Markham had a “carefree attitude.”

I think the majority of vegans can even get all eye-rolly at this. I mean, who would you trust more – your doctor or Whole Foods? The baby is in state custody and I’m sure being taken care of, but this mom obviously needs to stop her weird holistic vegan pretend-doctor ways and realize that no one is trying to infringe on her beliefs, just keep her kid from dying.


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