Don’t Ask Me To Vote For Your Ugly Baby On A Facebook Cutie Contest

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Now that I’m a parent, I get really excited whenever my friends have a baby and post their squishy little face all over Facebook.

Before I was a parent, I thought that this practice was terribly annoying. I didn’t understand how anyone could think a newborn was cute because, mostly, they are not. But since I’ve had two newborns, I get the attraction—posting a picture of new life is all about AWWWWW as other parents remember what it was like when their own kid was born. Thank God Facebook has a like button so I can show my support.

So, yay for newborn pics and newborn babies on Facebook. Some parents go all crazy and post an album of one hundred newborn photos of a squishy alien, and that’s fine by me. It’s their squishy alien to love.

A growing number of my friends have taken it a step further, and I won’t stand for it. I don’t know how new parents find out about these scammy little contests, but soon enough new parents are URGING their Facebook friends to vote for their baby in some random cute baby picture contest.

I get that every parent thinks that their baby is the cutest, but asking friends to vote on this crosses the line. I thought that I cast my vote when I liked your newborn photo? Why do I have to go to a third-party website and register and like your baby again so that you could maybe, possibly win a year’s supply of diapers? (And we all know that you’re more likely to win the lottery anyway.)

I think the fact that these contests are centered around voting on the cuteness of a baby rubs me the wrong way. I’m not against baby modeling or child actors or anything like that—to each their own. I am against parents cramming their adorable kids down their friends’ throats on social media and now finding one more way to prove that their squishy alien is the cutest newborn on earth. Dislike.

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